Monday, March 26, 2007

Teeth Clenching Goodness

Thanks once again to Todd for inspiring a post. Have you ever just been so emotionally overwhelmed when hearing a song that your face goes all crazy? Call it "Pulling a Hopper." I do. It's way more sophisticated than just doing the predictable "bite your lower lip and nod in time at a tasty guitar solo".

I Pull a Hopper whenever I listen to "The Concept" by Teenage Fanclub.
I Pull a Hopper at the whirling dervish that is "Tomorrow Never Knows" by them Beatles.
I Pull a Hopper whenever I watch and listen to this clip of "Money City Maniacs" by Canadian legends and heroes, SLOAN:

Check it! The opening pan across the logoplate of my beloved HIWATT inspires a Hopper moment onto itself. I think the siren going off increases the drama. Now everytime I hear a fire engine I find myself listening for powerchords that never seem to come.

currently listening to: Grandaddy, Under the Western Freeway, (Happy Birthday J-Ly! Miss ya, brother!)


Allan said...

Oh yeah...I can see why you like that intro...yeah...that's the ticket.Right there.

Invisible said...

taking me back to a MUCH simpler [read: high] time of concert goin and house partys!!

Damn I want to be 16 again!!

Todd and in Charge said...

Awesome stuff, thanks!