Monday, March 12, 2007

RIP Brad Delp

Sad news. Thanks to Todd for the heads up on something that upon hearing made my head drop down. Brad Delp, the voice behind Boston's iconic "More Than A Feeling", passed away Friday at age 55. School dances in the gym. The parking lot behind the gym. Drive-in speakers before the main feature. This song was everywhere. Still is. 8-track, LP, 45, cassette, CD, mp3; this classic has moved with powerful grace through all formats with no signs of ever slowing down. Great guitar riffs are hell-yeah badass, but a great vocal on top is always the keeper. RIP, Brad.

currently listening to: the sound of my brain shutting down, short post today, I'm pulling a "Lennon White Album" ("I'm So Tired, I Haven't Slept a Wink")


Godwhacker said...

Ok ~ the first post I read here and not only do you mention my good friend Todd, but also one of my favorite all time songs. "Now isn't that something".

Sling said...

..just wanted to stop by and say hi to a resl V.I.P.
I remember when Boston's first album came out...It changed every thing!Brad's passing saddens me.

Michelle said...

Oh. Just heard this song today...streaming through a coworker's computer speakers. Told her to turn it up.

Hadn't read about his passing. Darn.

Thanks for giving him a kind word and remembrance here.