Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Original Beer/Lifestyle Commercial

I remember seeing this awe-inspiring video for the first time at a smoke saturated hesher-haunt/grotto full of what appeared to be two types of guys a)-horny metalheads on the make looking to spend their one night off from carny-life and midway madness with a stonefox babe, and b)-horned rimmed glasses wearing asexual indie record store employees who would get their next boner courtesy of the next new Mogwai album. Anyway, it was playing on the TV and caught my eye right away, and I wanted to go in for closer inspection. It wasn't hard to disengage myself from my current conversation, indeed when I got up, "Mr. Holes Placed Strategically in my Second Hand Sweater" scarcely noticed my exodus; he was content to continue on with his compelling Fugazi soliloquy, audience or not.

Hot damn that's a great vid. Everytime I see the bit where drummer Bill Ward is drinking that beer I lose my shit. Everytime. This is the kind of clip that I would like to see selling beer and the beer lifestyle. It's way more honest and way more fun. And really, the music of Sabbath has done so much to "Bring people together", a main marketing point these beer companies strive to shove down the world's throats. If a band like Sabbath can bring both dirty metal and precious indie-rawk denizen together in the same room and have them co-exist peacefully, then shit, I'm buying this round!

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Erik said...

Awesome video and an excellent blog. You've got a new reader.