Monday, March 5, 2007

Bring back the King Koils

Okay, this photo epitomizes everything that is perfect about rock and roll. First off, it's Lemmy. Second, it's Lemmy PRE-Motorhead, jammin' with the stellar outfit Hawkwind so it has that him before he was HIM sorta vibe. Nice. You got all the rawk cliches in there- the menacing devil horned bass, sunglasses indoors, and a groupie waiting in the wings. Don't even get me started on Mr. Kilmister's outfit...lemme just say lemmy was, in that era, hittin' all the style high notes while lifting that head high into the mike. Those little scamps from Wolfmother cribbed him large, that's crystal clear. But la piece de la resistance is the coil bass cable, folks. Bring 'em back, that's all I got to say. Just for the aesthetic value alone, never mind if sonically they bite the big one.

currently listening to: Wolfmother (okay, okay, I'll admit it, they are pretty catchy!)

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Allan said...

Hi.On my radio show I like to talk about the Lemmy/Hawkwind/Moorcock connections and how it was Alan Parson's production that pushed Dark Side over the top, not that Norm Smith a slouch, S.F.Sorrow was great...and the difference between an Echoplex an analog delay and a digital delay...etc ..

Then I follow your comment and I find this site.

And you like my Harlequins too!

I'll write some Harlequins for ya, no prob.Can you play drums? I always need a drummer.