Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Spoils of Rotten

Some people are horrified at the concept of nepotism. In theory, like any half-way decent person, I should be appalled at blatant favoritism that gives unfair advantage. In practice, I actually deee-lite in witnessing nepotism in action, especially in the field of entertainment. High rollers and playahs, who gift their untalented offspring with movie roles and record contracts should be given the highest of high fives, 'cause the rotten fruits of their kids' rotten labours can be a joy to behold. An Ironic-Hipster's Wet Dream. Spoiled rotten never looked so good!

The King Kid of Nepotism has to be Arch Hall Jr.. His dad, Arch Hall Sr. was a B-movie producer, who owned a fabulous company called Fairway Productions. Senior put Junior in a few of his films. He had high hopes for his son, hoping to turn him into the next big teen dream. Unfortunately, Junior looked like Elvis crossed with a cabbage patch doll.
Actually, Wild Guitar is a pretty great flick. Dude who eventually went on to do the cinematography for Close Encounters of the Third Kind (and win an Oscar for it) cut his teeth on this shit, as "Gee-tar's" director of photography. He also worked on Hall Jr.'s and Sr.'s crowning achievement in cinema, a tight little thriller called "The Sadist". Check out this flick. Junior actually shows sparks of true talent. It's about a psycho and his trashy skag terrorizing innocents, predating Brad Jolie's rip-off "Kalifornia" by exactly 30 years.
So whatever happened to Arch Jr.?
Went on to become a pilot. And a writer. And a cult hero to some. Personally, the guy fascinates me. He is also still rawkin' with his band The Archers. And...apparently there is a documentary in the works all about Fairway Productions and its place within the indie cinema scene at the time (think Ed Wood without all the cross dressing and cardboard cut out tombstones). Can't wait! Here's Arch in Action serenading his lucky, lucky gal. I won't hold it against ya if ya just can't make it through the entire clip. That's a perfectly normal reaction.

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Allan said...

Down here, we have taken nepotism to the nth degree and applied it to our President. Much like the Halls, Junior just wasn't as bright as Senior hoped...of course the results are far worse than b-movies.

I made it about ninety seconds into the video.I'm amazed I've made it six years into the current admin...

bonjourtristesse said...

Hey Allan! Thanks for trying to get thru old Arch...wow! 90 seconds! I think that's a record!
Just keep hanging in....go to
www.bushslastday.com to renew your strength. As of today only 670 days of Junior left in office!

May they fly by.

sending an email shortly...access to computer is limited...talk to ya!

E. X

Allan said...

Heya E!
I enjoyed watching Junior's eyes bug out at Bikini Chick...classic!