Thursday, March 15, 2007

I'll Bet He Still Has His Boba Fett Action Figure

Brent Simon likes space. Brent Simon likes gear and gadgets. Brent Simon wrote a song in tribute to BitTorrent. Brent Simon is part Star Wars Kid, part Chris Farley, part Roger Ebert, and part guy who played keyboards for the band Europe. People like him are the reason why "Flux Capacitor" entered into the zeitgeist. Many people have compared him to Wesley Willis. Don't go there. No one can touch my Wesley. He was the real deal. There is something that just strikes me as "franchise" with Mr. Simon, and now that he's carved out his "nerdpunk" niche he's ready to package it and bring the heady stew to middle America. Then take it all the way to the bank and onto the pages of Blender or Rolling Stone.
Then again, carpe diem, Brent! I can't fault the super nerd for making the most of the 15 minutes that we are all apparently entitled to. I guess I just miss Wesley. There will never be another like him. Maybe I just don't want anybody else to even try. He had that special magic "IT" factor of someone just driven to create. Daniel Johnston is the same way, and thank god he is still with us! Yay Daniel!

Here's Brent performing "The Space Camp Song".

There's a 25 minute documentary over on YouTube. "The Brentumentary" (longish but funny-ish)if you are interested.

"Rock over London, Rock on Chicago!" Rock on Wesley!


Allan said...

"C'mon man, bump my head"

ambersumiko said...

Brent Simon is my friend on MySpace hahahaa