Sunday, March 11, 2007


Hey, I couldn't be happier for the astounding and much deserved success of Canada's own Arcade Fire! Hey, I'm Canadian, and every sweet day that passes in which the Arcade collective is doing their thang, the less everyone remembers that Canada gave the world the not so heavy headbanders known as Loverboy. Remember "Hot Girls In Love"? Well, before you so wisely choose to leave these cheesy Canucks behind forever, say your farewell by watching this video.

You'll love the part in the wacky garage station stage set up where drummer Matt Frenette is playing his drums with gas pumps instead of stix. He was so obviously the first to do it, unless some tripped out avant-garde, N.Y.C.performance/Velvetslike band
somehow stumbled across the move first in their Found Objects Concert Series. "Music Fuel-a musical odyssey in 16 Parts Now Playing in the MePa district". So said the tatty, silkscreened flyers. Wow, my imagination scares me sometimes...

Okay, Done, over. Go do something smart and intellectual for 5 minutes like Haiku writing. Clear the cerebral palate as it were. I'll wait for you here.

Back so soon? Yeah, Haiku writing can be such a frickin' bitch to do (Although right there in that sentence, I managed to fit the poetry form's 17 syllable requirement).

To close this post I will now suggest a bit of music to break up your Arcade Fire listening party just for a very short time. We won't band name deviate too much lest you break into some separation anxiety from Neon Bible. Let us now groove to ARCADIA's Election Day. The song is great and I can hear it going over really well if remixed and played through an amazing sound system with 'lots of tasty bass a pumpin'! Bring back this classic, Steve Aoki!

Seriously, all this song needs is a revamp or be part of a mashup and it would kill.
And then Fat Simon would be rollin' heavy in the Le Bon Bons again.

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Lorraine said...

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