Thursday, March 15, 2007

Set on Speed dial(especially if you are underage and female)

312 278 3965...R. Kelly's new hotline. You can hear him talk up his new album, Double Up, due May 29. And you can sample a few snippets. Ah, I think I'll just wait for the 18 hour long promo vid. At least I can count on that being engaging. The music will be, to use a Vanilla Sky and A&R rep/leech term, "vivid". It's a great way to get out of saying it's crap.

currently listening to: Jeremy Enigk, World Waits


Allan said...

Yikes! I am soooo glad you didn't dedicate the R.Kelly post to me!

bonjourtristesse said...

Yikes indeed, Allan! There goes my readership! Re-reading this post, makes me feel I went a bit far, but really, I CANNOT stand R. Kelly. Sure, his epic videos may be worth a laugh but the guy is just CREEEEEPY! Don't worry, I'll return to my usual sweet and well mannered self by tomorrow...sometimes a sister has to vent!

Invisible said...

creepy x's 100000000

but educational for the kiddies nonetheless ..