Thursday, March 8, 2007

Mr. O. Black's Backstage Rider

For the few of you who don't recognize this sexy beast, let me introduce you..."Cool Blog Reader, this is Old Black. Old Black, excuse me, Mr. Black,.. what?... you're taking a nap? Understand, brother. If anybody deserves it it's you. Afterall, you've been rawkin' hard since you were born in 1953. Many would argue that you weren't truly born until 1969, when this force of nature attached itself to you--"

So this is my Ode to Old Black, the beautifully ramshackle Les Paul Gold Top that rocks my free world. Or helps my world feel a wee bit freer. The man that Black owns, Mr. Shakey, he's A- okay too. Black could probably mount a world wide solo tour. He could just lay around and get looked at and he could easily generate as much $$$ as would a mid level indie band playing their hearts out. He wouldn't be a diva with a "Take Out the Brown M&Ms" rider. Black would just need:

one Swiffer handheld for dust removal
twelve Bodyguards

Seems do-able.
Escort me to the merch table for this one!

currently listening to: Son Volt, Trace


Allan said...

Excellent choice, great post!
It's amazing how NY was singing
" better to burn out than to fade away" in 1979 and he still hasn't burned out OR faded away.

Allan said...

Oops- I forgot to ask - you mind if i link your blog?

Jay said...

Haha on the swiffer.