Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Jandek, Part Deux


So where wuz I? Oh yes, Jandek seen at Pizza Hut. Oh come on...as if! It was actually at Baskin Robbins. He was seen sampling their latest crazee flavee...Primo Emo! Yowzaa, the achy-breaky kiddies will flip for this one, if only they could tear themselves away long enough from their Pitchforks and cutting knives to grab a scoop (ouch, that was harsh, sorry).

Basically in a shell-of-a-nut, Jandek has been making DIY records since 1978. Consistently. He just ain't all about the press and media and has done virtually no interviews save for a couple in the early days of his career. And his album covers...wow! Done in that style of late '80's, early '90's arbitrary subject matter photo style copped by Sonic Youth and Sebadoh. He was doing this way before Thurston and co. came along.

Groundbreaker. Recluse. Did every facet of his production. Genre onto himself. The music? I'll leave that to you to discover and decide, afterall, that's the way he would want it.

In closing here, just gotta brag that I did see the elusive Jandek in concert. He exists! He's real! And the show that I attended here in Toronto was recorded for the documentary "Duality of Self" that will make it's premier at SXSW. Rite on! I always wanted to be part of an audience for a concert film. If I could go back in time I would choose to be part of the "Gimme Shelter/The Altamont Fiasco", but under the priviso that I could hide inside Keef's amp.

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