Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Jandek the Halls with Bow Downs for Brilliance, FA LA FUCKIN LA!

Ahhh, Jandek. Where does one begin? Big fan, Sam I am. Rather than go deep myself into the mystique, and tell you in my own, sure to be hipster pretentious way, Jandek's dealio, I encourage you yourself to see "Jandek on Corwood", a fantastic documentary indeed...I would put up a link to the trailer but blogger is giving me grief in doing this...just not workin! So until tomorrow, I will cloud the reason for this post in mystery. Quite fitting as the life and music of Jandek is exactly that, a mystery...OR IS IT??????? This reclusive man was recently spotted at a Pizza Hut! Stay tuned!!!!

currently listening to: mixed tape of stoner rock, Kyuss, anyone? Kyessss! ...and man, you got any snacks brah...huh...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. nighty night all.

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