Saturday, March 3, 2007

The Eyes Have It

I am not a high fashionista. I'm more of a Judas high Priestah. But...I sure do love me some high camp fashion world extravanganzahhhh like "Eyes of Laura Mars". A 1970's gem where Missy Thang Faye Dun-away-with-wrinkles-thru-Botox rocks both a Nikon and a serial killer, nary a pulled thread emerging from her glimmering Halston. The plot is far too spectacular to go into here (google google google), but I will sum up its key points of brilliance.

*uses "Let's All Chant" by the Michael Zager Band in one of the photo session scenes.
*features crimped hair, mach one (afterall, the crimping iron was invented in 1972 by Geri Cusensa, who used it specifically for Babs Streisand)
*Babs herself sang the film's theme song
*tonz of scenes chock full of the kind of shag haircuts that Liam Gally-Scallywag can only now dream of now that he is losing his hair.
*Tommy Lee Jones. 'nuff said.

Go and get yerself some...see it before Tyra ruins it all and references it on her lame mallrat/model competition.

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