Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mitch Kramer FOUND at Starfleet (foxes) Command

You remember the end. Wooderson, Pink, Slater and Simone are cruising down the long stretch of road towards Aerosmith tickets and towards their individual fates. With "Slow Ride" blasting. Perfection. I tip my (fog)hat to director Richard Linklater for such fantastically soundtracked symbolism.

To paraphrase the famous Wooderson quote, that's what I love about the characters of "Dazed and Confused", I get older, they stay the same age.

Forever frozen on celluloid, the embodiment of fresh faced freshman, Mitch Kramer wore an ADIDAS (All Day I Dream About Sex) logo and a curious expression that hinted that the freshness wouldn't last long. Fake wood panelled rec room walls obscured by clouds of thick pot smoke were gonna figure pretty heavy in Mitch's future. As was an impeccable record collection where I'm convinced, Jeff Lynne figured prominently. I ELOve it.

Mitch Kramer, the official pinup of Sassy Magazine (RIP)

Hell, let's go one further and say Mitch became a successful musician; successful in that he avoided a Yamaha DX-7 and a Flock of Seagulls haircut.

Hell, let's go another one further and say Mitch found a time machine in the same vacant field were the infamous all night kegger was held and fast forwarded, guitar in hand, and became the lead singer of Fleet Foxes, Robin Pecknold. When Fleet Foxes are on SNL this weekend, I'm gonna just see my beloved Mitch all grown up and delivering us from the evils of Miley Cyrus and an Up the Creek Without an Auto-Tune Kanye.

So there. I ELOve it.

Robin Pecknold, the official pinup of Pitchfork Journos and asexual indie record shop clerks scouring eBay for first generation Sub Pop LOSER t-shirts

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