Sunday, March 18, 2007

Always a Crowd Pleaser...

The following clip needs no introduction except to say that it needs no introduction.

To the saucy red head who is probably now receptionist at her local mall's GlamourShots--it wasn't gonna happen with Mr.Rob Halford that night darling, and it sure ain't gonna happen now. Unless you've changed your name to Bernard and your sex to male AND your acid wash jeans to buttless chaps. Then, maybe.

Before I saw the Priest reunion in 2005, I had high hopes that the Heavy Metal Parking Lot "je ne sais quoi" would experience a sort of reunion tour of it's own. People would just naturally do the hang out in tribute to the spirit of the crazy "little documentary that could". Didn't happen. At least not in Toronto. Nowadays, the minute you exit the car you are herded by some inexplicable force towards the $5.00 bottles of water and the $100.00 T-shirts, and the immediate need to capture every key moment on the $500.00 cell phone that takes kick ass photos.

One tip though, if Priest comes back (they are currently in the studio), and you have a desire to go see them, don't buy regular venue seating. Slum it in the general admission/lawn area at the back. It's the closest thing to a Heavy Metal Parking Lot that you're gonna get. Then you can say you were the cooler half of the classic mullet configuration-"Party in the Back". Who wants to join "Business Class Upfront"? Not me.

currently listening to: Judas Priest, Unleashed in the East (the definitive Live Album)


Invisible said...

I loved JP as a teen... turbo lover is humming along in my head .. not that im that young mind you..

I was at the Point of Entry tour.

now THAT was a great show.... *ere

bonjourtristesse said...

Hi Invisible! Good to see ya! I KNEW IT! I said to myself, "I'll bet Invisible has some good JP coolness lurking around in her brilliant head! AND, you went to the Point of Entry tour to boot! Did Rob ride in on his motorcycle? So decadent those English rockers...tea, scones, Harleys on stage...I love singing Turbo Lover on elevators under my breath...people then give me lots of space. I like Victim of Changes best of all. Anyway, how's every little laptop fried so now I have limited blog access so I'll talk to ya when I talk to ya! Be good! --E.

Invisible said...

YES he did bring out the bike. Amazing that I can remember any details. I was the weird girl that would count how many speakers dif bands had onstage.

LOL ...yeah I know.. DORK!!!

Godwhacker said...

"I saw a Dead-Head sticker on a Cadillac"

Great post!