Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Copeland and Jools...a Jem of a Clip

In my last post I didn't mention that I saw the Doors perform live, did I? Well, I did. Kind of. Sort of. It was just Ray and Robby representin' the old guard. And Ian Ass-bury (from the Cult)guesting on vocals. Ian may have been more dynamic and convincing had he not be consulting the lyrics off a music stand as he performed. No big whoop, I wasn't really paying attention to him anyway. In fact my attention was trained upon the drummer for the evening. Hello! Stewart Copeland in the haus! He was brilliant. My idea for this much bally-hooed Police reunion is to stick Sting, and his Hollywood nose job,at the back of the stage, put Andy on a riser either stage left or right, but have Copeland and his Tamas front and center where they belong. Okay, that's not gonna happen but I know I'm not alone in this dream...

Everyone has favourite movies. I tend to have favourite interviews. The one where the Bee Gees huffily walk off some British chat show is classic. Anything with Lou Reed is always pretty good. And I think I could watch, and probably favour, a Pete Doherty interview just for the "will he nod off in mid sentence or not" factor. Rollins? That goes without saying...every sentence is a soundbite.

So now here is perhaps my favourite all time interview. It is with my favourite musician, interviewed by one of my favourite interviewers, Jools Holland, he himself played music with Squeeze. I also love it for the technical/gear aspect, naturally. I first saw it when I was a little girl and it made such an impression that I nearly crapped myself in 4/4 time (sorry to be crass) when I just now saw it posted on Youtube. I had it originally recorded on VHS, back in the day when video machines were massive top-loader monsters, complete with a"remote" on a long cable. Lost the tape somewhere as I moved throughout the world. But right now at this moment I feel reunited with an old friend. Thanks for sharing this moment with me. So now onto the show!

"Paradigm for the Cosmos?" Only Stewart could pull off a sentence like that and sound cool. When Sting says something similar(you know big words and all)in evaluating all those big books he pretends to read you're ready for the MUTE button. In fact that's the way I've watched his movies (save Brimstone and Treacle) with the MUTE full force. Now that's kind of Police force I live to enforce.

If you're interested, here's that infamous BeeGees Vid...enjoy the clip! Love the tension!

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Jay said...

The BeeGees are surprisingly entertaining, aren't they?

Allan said...

This is quickly becoming my favorite blog.
I want to know...more.