Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Dennis? Yeah, a menace, but was gifted too...

This pic of old Denny-Boy of the Beach is such a visual cautionary tale. Lookin' way to old and spent for someone in their late 30's. Dude's life was rock and roll urban legend (doing the slo-hang with Charles Manson and fathering the kid of band mate Mike Love's daughter...whew!) In between all that action, Dennis managed to put out an incredible solo album. Called Pacific Ocean Blue, and released in 1977, it has become one of my faves of all time. The CD is hard to get, but if ya find Dennis' myspace tribute you can stream some trax. So Hang Ten and surf on over there.
I love this endorsement pic. I'm always tempted to do exactly what these old, out of date ads ask, and write away for a free catalogue. My letter would probably end up at a Walmart, Starbucks or at the neighbourhood crack house. Anyway, Camco has web-presence, and it's worth checking out just for the Endorsers page alone; Elvin Jones(the MAN!)is in there, and the CCR pix are fuckin' A!

Note to Evan Dando: We all know your career is on a big roll, but just in case you need the extra bux, Casino Rama is looking for their Dennis Wilson for the Beach Boys Tribute Band for Baby-Boomer Weekend 2007.

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Todd and in Charge said...

Great post -- Dennis is definitely missed, loved the old ad for the drums too.