Monday, March 19, 2007

Talk to Me!

For yesterday's post I shyly (or slyly) laid down a gauntlet that I was hoping to get challenged on. I stated that Judas Priest's "Unleashed in the East" was the definitive Live Album. Not one "No way man, Frampton Comes Alive! is, what, are you on drugs?" Maybe that's why all fourteen frickin' minutes of "Feel Like WE Do (It's "WE" not "I")doesn't quite rock my house as hard as it does my neighbours' joints, who like to spend many an idyllic hour in their great garden of green. Catch the pun in there? No? Jesus, you're more stoned than I thought.

The coolness of "Frampton Comes Alive!" comes from the Heil Talk Box. Pure and simple. Listen to the crowd on that album and hear them go batshit crazy everytime he uses the Heil. There should be some graph drawn where on the side you write "Audience Reaction" and on the bottom write all the songs on the album. You can be sure that whenever and wherever the Heil appears the graph line shoots up like Nico or like Google's stock charts.

Many a crude joke could be inserted here due to the appearance of the Heil's tubing mechanism and in the way ("Show me the Way!") that it is used to generate its effect.
I will resist the urge to go there as gear is way to sacred to be mocked in such a fashion! The only time smut and gear go together is porn and the wah wah, Okay?

Anyways...back to Live albums! Come forth, show yourselves and let me know your favourite live albums of all time! Budokan me!

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AC@44 said...

Ya know .. I can't say that there is any difinitive live album .. for the most part they have always sucked. Kiss, Black Sabbath come to mind .. But I have found the greatest site for live msuic .. you just can't buy it yet .. Wolfgangs Concert Vault Have fun.

Allan said...

Well, while we are sorta on the subject, I gotta say Jethro Tull's Live Tull double LP rocks-totally!
Then there's John Cale's 'Sabotage' and Gong's pair: 'Vive Gong, Gong est Mort' and 'Floating Anarchy'...and Crack The Sky's 'Live Sky'...that's just what's on the seat of my car.

Ever 'hot-knifed' hashish using a Heil Box ?

Me neither.

bonjourtristesse said...

thanks fer the link to Wolfgang, ac...whoah!!!!! great site! Good choices, yeah, KISS definitely! Thanks for postin'! Hey Allan! Furiously takin' notes yet again based on yer selections...the Tull I am definitely gonna check out, natch!

WHAT NO LIVE AT LEEDS, YET????? What the heck is goin on peeps!!?

Allan, did ya get my email yet?

bonjourtristesse said...

Allan! Hot-Knife? What in the world is that???? I have no idea what you are talking about...LOL!!!

Todd and in Charge said...

I grew up in the South, and we heard a lot of that box thingy - another frequently heard song that used that device was "Mindbender" by an obscure Capricorn label mate Stillwater (I think?). "My Daddy was a geetar, my momma was a bass player...."

Definitive live album? I'd throw Yessongs on a short list, have to wrack my brain a little bit more....