Tuesday, March 27, 2007

From Russia with Low Bottom Love

Today is officially "Russian Appreciation Day" here at HIWATT Central. Join me in celebrating Baryshnikov, Olga Korbut(that one's for you, Weiss!), Dostyevski, Marc Chagall, and Boney M. What? Boney M? Hey, they did that righteous tune "Rasputin", okay? That qualifies. Did you know that dude who created Boney M went on to commit an even more heinous act when he chose to orchestrate the whole Milli Vanilli debacle? Well, because of my love of useless information, now you do know. I would say "No thanks necessary", but I'm pretty sure based on the content of the given information, no thanks will be forthcoming.

My favorite Russian shoutout will go to Sovtek. The Brand 'o Tubes that Marlon would love. Marlon was fat. These tubes give amps fat, warm tone. 12AX7 is to me what THX1138 is to sci-fi geeks. The company that manufactures Sovtek product is owned by Mike Matthews who just happened to create the monster of distortion pedals, the famed Big Muff. The earliest issues of the Big Muff were manufactured in Russia. Different versions of the pedal are still Russian made, but manufacturing chores for other Muff models are also being shouldered by Matthew's other company, Electro-Harmonix.

I love this pedal. The day I found out it works marvelously and maliciously with a bass was a banner day. I have often wondered what crazy sonic brew would have erupted had Jaco Pastorius added a Big Muff to his arsenal. I have the army green Pi. Such a fitting chassis colour for such a swampy, sludgy, gooey beast.

The Big Muff wiki link gives a great list of songs where the pedal was used. Check it out. A great read, indeed.

I better not get any pervert traffic due to my first label...

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Allan said...

I didn't know I was such a pervert, but reading a woman fantasize about what would have happened if poor Jaco had used a Big Muff really turns me on.

Godwhacker said...

My favorite Russian, hands down, is Ayn Rand. I take a lot of heat for that at times, but I stand by her as one of the great minds of the 20th century.

AC@44 said...

good post .. awesome equipment ... kool toys .. I collect vintage Radio's/Stereo's someday I will try a post about them

bonjourtristesse said...

Allan! I aim to please! LOL! Smilies rite back atcha!

GW! How are you? Good to see you! Didn't know Rand was Russian! I have heard nothing but good things about this incredible writer. I think I will start with "The Fountainhead". Your endorsement seals the deal! Thanks!

Hey AC! Vintage stereo's???? yeehaw...get to postin'! I loved my girlhood stereo...it looked like an easybake oven with a turntable! LOL! good to see ya! take care!

Godwhacker said...

Have a great time with the book! Atlas Shrugged comes next!!!