Monday, April 9, 2007

Spacehoppers, Screws and the So-called Death of Jimmy

I love the movie Quadrophenia. Of anybody who has seen it, who the frick doesn't love it? But just to clarify, Jimmy does NOT bite it at the end, okay? Gosh darn it, I have had heated arguments with people who were absolutely iron resolute in their conviction that Jimmy went over them peachy keen Beachy Head cliffs along with Aceface's jackedup, silver scooter. This is what I have had to endure on such an occasion:

"Man, he like, was too pure for either the mod or rocker life-style and chose an afterlife existence that went beyond labels and categories."

Holy fuck, send me the tear-stained thesis when you're done. I have just the place for it...right beside my specially bound dissertation entitled, "Just Why Joanie Loved Chachi".

The entire 2 hours of Quadrophenia is Jimmy's flashback which starts immediately after we see him walking away from the lip of the cliff. It's really that simple. Sorry if I've spoiled the movie for you if you haven't seen it, but then again everybody knew how fuckin' Titanic ended and still people went in droves. Just 'cause you can see the top and bottom slices of bread doesn't mean you can't enjoy the meaty middle fabulous-ness. If you don't dig on the meat analogy, don't worry, it's good fun for vegans too. Hell, this flick has something for everyone, even for handymen/women and for carpenters 'cause there is a wicked good scene of a screw in an alleyway(nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more...)

Here's a little clip of the mods and rockers thrashin' it out. Imagine a whole posse of Fonzies (when he was actually cool in the first and second seasons) versus a gang of "Parklife" era Damon Albarn(was he ever cool, or merely a fantastic mimic?).

Who remembers Spacehoppers? I do! I do! Apparently Townshend loved this bouncy joust at the Quadrophenia legacy:

Don't let the fact that Sting is in Quadrophenia dissuade you from seeing it. He has hardly any lines.

Thank god.

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Allan said...

I am out of my brain- gotta get the 5:15!

Invisible said...

OMG.. please post your dissertation. Gotta be a great read... and just because there is an "alley-screw" i may have to find this flick. Those are my faves... LOL for serious!

SamuraiFrog said...

This one I haven't seen, though I've heard the Who album 50 or 60 times. Man, why HAVEN'T I seen this movie yet? One to jump on.

bonjourtristesse said...

Hey gang! Finally, I can sneak into the least for a second!

Allan! perhaps my fave moment of the flick, when Jimmy-boy is fried out on blues, all blackrimmed eyes and zombie like, and riding the rails! Great great moment! Hope yer doing good, my friend, thanks for all the laughter and smiles last nite! :) The Eagles suck! LOL!

Hey Viz (Vixen)! hot damn, that dissertation is one hellava treaty, I'll tell you...legend has it that Joanie lost "it" to Chachi in real life too, now that's what I call "Charles in Charge!" Hope you are feeling better...:) how are those shorty's doin'?

SF! You gotta see this one, man! JUMP on it JUMP on it! By the way, I wish Snake Pliskin was my dad! LOL!! ahhh Kurt Russell, he is so one could touch him during his feathered hair, BigTroubleinLittleChina era...good to see ya!

I can't even do a gawddarn post today...counting the dayz until laptop heaven!

Invisible said...

Breaking news.. Larry !! you ARE the father!

Godwhacker said...

I haven't seen Quadrophenia in many many years, and even then I don't know if you could have said that I was conscious ;)

AC@44 said...

Great movie .. great alley scene, Sting was sting .. but man did I love the vespa's .. always wanted one.