Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Devil and Robert Johnson, and the Guv'nor, and the Photo Booth

Photo booths. Lord love them. But only the old skool ones that deal exclusively in the lovely realm of black and white. Talkin' the original picture spitout machines that drop da four-shot strips of ebony and ivory, hazy-sweet with all gorgeous softness of the shades of grey that lay in-between. Unfortunately, much like the penultimate version of the ipod, the Black and White Booth is now considered obsolete.

Fuckit. Gonna miss those suckers like I miss my first distortion/overdrive pedal, the original Marshall Guv'nor(which was named by Jim Marshall himself, holla holla!)with the black housing, that somehow walked away from my own housing during an all night "Let's Just Play Appetite for Destruction Over and Over Again" throwdown. In other words, I have a Chinese Democracy's Chance in a Record Store of getting the wicked good pedal back.

I miss you...please come home . Life has not been the same without you Guv, my luv.

But fret not(gear slut pun)about the booths. The incredible folks at www.photobooth.net have gotcha covered if ya care. They have a photobooth locator that will direct you to the nearest booth in which you can diva it up, divy it up with friends(who's gonna spring for the first strip?), and capture for all eternity those vibrant, fleeting moments of life that make you think you can rock this planet-joint 4-evah.

So let's do a four shot strip o' tribute to the B&W Photo booth, shall we? Hell, ya don't even have to drop down the 25 cent coins for this set! "No Quarter(s)" required. Just shout a few "Hail Zeppelin!"s and we'll call it even.

Jandek, recluse. genius. the godfather of outsider music. bitchin' caesar haircut.

Robert Johnson, the greatest blues artist of all time, refused to sell his soul to the devil at the Crossroads in Mississippi, unlike Britney Spears who sold her soul at the 7:30 showing of Crossroads at every damn movie theatre in America.

Edie Sedgwick, '60's IT Girl, muse to Dylan and Reed, crashed and burned...but with such style!

Gear slut, no fixed ability, former owner of bad bangs n'crimp long hair-don't, and currently short one beloved Marshall Guv'nor.

Notice how the last picture is just a wee bit bigger than the rest? Purely intentional! 15 minutes baby, I'm entitled just like everyone else!

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Invisible said...

Arent you the prettiest slut we know?

Tres cool.. I have a pic of my bff from high school and I like this... LOL... shit we are OLD... 24 yrs ago... *headslam*

Todd and in Charge said...

Awesome pics, I recently dumped my high school photo booth pics taken with my girlfriend at the time, what the hell was I thinking?

SamuraiFrog said...

A. You're fucking gorgeous.
B. Beautiful pic of Edie.
C. I'm 90 minutes outside of Chicago, and according to that website there's 21 of those fuckers out here! Now my goal is to go to each one of them and get some pictures!

bonjourtristesse said...

Hey gang!! :D

Vis! thanks for the "pretty" and thanks super duper for the "slut", wonderful compliments, thanks fer overlookin' the crimpage. LOL! I recently threw the old crimp 'n pimp iron under a moving train...

Todd! thanks, man! No no no! You should have kept those pics! I would have loved to have seen them!
But hey, sometimes we can feel so liberated when we do a spring cleaning eh? Thanks again for the Buddy clip...that was so amazing!

SF! A. AWWW shucks...thanks...but ya know those booths really soften the features! Before Glamourshots franchises moved into malls, the booths served as private photo studios (or makeout havens!) LOL!

B:I LOVE EDIE! She was so divine, dontcha think, Froggie??? Her bio is perhaps my fave bio of all time!

C: Go get some pix done!!! I anxiously await the results (all 21 strips!)
Chi-town! YAY! What a city! Schubas Tavern is a great place to see live music! :)

Invisible said...

crimping is out then??

got it ... how about perms then?

Allan said...

Poor Guv. They don't make 'em like that anymore...
weird- a few days ago,I was playin' my own tunes for a friend- later they gave me a CD of this guy I just "had to hear"- it was Jandek! How cool.

That NYC Warhol scene sure had some heartbreakers didn't it?

Chicagoland does kick ass!

Dayam! I just KNEW you were gorgeous- did I say a MILLION Lemmys? I meant 10 gabillion Lemmys!

Erik said...

They still have a working Black and White photo booth in the basement of the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh. I'll have to swing by there and take some glamor shots.

I'm really enjoying the blog. Keep it comin'!

Invisible said...

OMG.. girl please come by my comments.. i cant decide what to do!!!

*laughing hysterically*

Godwhacker said...

I saw a photo-booth at the mall just a few days ago. I thought "man, I live out in the sticks".

The best part about those things was the way you had to squeeze in close to fit in the picture with someone else. If that "someone" was the right person, it could be a lot of fun :)

bonjourtristesse said...

Visi! Gawd, don't talk to me about perms!!! LOL!!! I had one that would have officially made me part of the Brady Bunch guy posse (oooh Greg was superhot in the last season!!!) Hey, what's this I hear about you and a ballpeen hammer! I told you to stay away from the toolbox...good god, girl!:)

Allan! to be in the know about Jandek is to be part of the cool club! LOL! It's amazing tho', when I saw him live half the audience was asleep!
My fave Factory person (besides Edie) was a guy named Rod La Rod. LOL!! But what a bunch of incredible freaks, but hey...the Velvets came from that wonderful silver factory didn't they? MO TUCKER, holla! Feel free to photoshop my pic with Lemmy embellishments (handlebar stache and the lumpy bumpies!) LOL! talk soon!

Erik! Wow thanks man! You of course know how much I dig yer blog...:D I imagine the Warhol museum is incredible! I have to go! AND you have to go and get some photos done! I will be expecting their awesomeness on your blog soon...don't think I won't be checking for 'em! talk soon, Erik!

GW!That's soo cool what you mentioned about people crammin' in and gettin' all mushed up...that is such a great frame of reference...more mall/foodcourt romances began that way, didn't they!!! As always, great to see ya dearest GW!!:D