Saturday, April 7, 2007

Bob Clark 1941-2007

When I was a little girl my superhip and supercool Mom told me the scariest story. It was Christmas Eve and sitting in a cozy dark room with only the Christmas tree lights for illumination, Mom wove the scariest ghost story that I had ever heard. Only it wasn't really a ghost story per se, it was the plot line of the 1974 horror classic, the original slasher film, the mother of all boogeyman flicks, Bob Clark's "Black Christmas". Now some may question why would a mother tell her kid a creepy, violent story on such a festive occasion? Where the hell were "It's a Wonderful Life" or all those cutesy Rankin and Bass claymation extravaganzahhhhhhs? Or even Mr. Clark's much lauded Christmas classic "A Christmas Story"? Well, my family didn't roll that way; my Mom was and continues to be a true original, and if anything, I'd like to think that I turned out not necessarily the better for it, but the more unique for it.

Years later I saw "Black Christmas" for myself, and hot-diggity, it didn't disappoint. If anything it surpassed my expectations a thousand fold and then some. One must keep in mind that it came before Halloween, and Friday the 13th and all those crazy holiday based horror franchises that litter the pop culture landscape like discarded blankets on Max Yasgur's farm after Woodstock. Made in 1974 in Toronto, "Black Christmas" created the very template upon which many, many future horror flicks would be based. It also the film that first introduced all those tricks of cinematography and of key plot features that have since become cliches of the genre. Seeing everything from the visual perspective of the killer? That was Bob Clark's creation. Using the telephone to terrorize? That was Bob Clark's. Infusing great comedy into an otherwise macabre scenario? That again, was Bob Clark's.

What was not within Bob Clark's control(as it is not with most of us),was the way in which he would exit this world. Although, some bastard chose to drink and drive, and in effect caused the tragic death of Bob and of his 22 year old son Ariel, early Wednesday on the Pacific Coast Highway. This bastard chose to get in his car after consuming enough alcohol to put him 3 times the legal limit for driving.

I choose now to forgo launching into a tirade that will really, in the end, serve no greater good. Instead, I encourage you to watch the opening scene of "Black Christmas." Turn the lights down low, get cozy and enjoy what I think, is the greatest horror film ever made. If you like what you see, rent or net-huntandcapture the entire flick. You won't be disappointed! And that is both great and good.

RIP Bob. You will be missed.


SamuraiFrog said...

I just saw this movie for the first time the other night. It was awesome, and I loved Margot Kidder especially. Drinking, cursing, not wearing a bra--she was my kind of girl. Love the tuff ones. Great movie.

Invisible said...

Seems I have missed a masterpiece for a few years. Ill have to look this one up

bonjourtristesse said...

Hey SF! Good to see ya here! Yay!!! So glad ya loved the movie! Margot was amazing in it...gosh she just stole the whole thing didn't she???? Awesome!! The house where the filmed it is somewhere here in Toronto, I have never been able to find it, and it seems like a closely guarded secret...check it for more awesomeness!! anyway, welcome welcome!!!

Visi! look it up! look it up!! Have I ever steered you wrong? LOL! be good, girl, talk to ya soon! I haven't been able to get away much from work today...god I wish I could blog full time!!!!! take care, you!!:) :)