Friday, April 20, 2007

A Day in the Life (of Flat Stanley). Beauty Part 1

I read the news today, oh boy.

I've had a hard time processing the recent stream of horrible and tragic news stories. Harder time still expressing my grief and sadness over the loss of lives that were so full of potential and promise.

Allan comes to the rescue. Allan has dedicated a blog post to his take on the Flat Stanley Project. The project was started by a Canadian teacher and soon became a fun, interesting, and valued program that allowed students from all over the world to contact each other and in essence, to learn all about different cultures and traditions.

Thanks to the efforts of students and teachers, the Flat Stanley Project is now enjoyed and recognized in over 47 countries. Thanks to the participating students and teachers, the world seems a closer, more harmonious place.

Thanks to students and teachers. You remind us every day of the beauty of life through learning. And growing. And experiencing. And then using all that beautiful knowledge to make the world a better place.


Allan said...

Hi! {{{XOXOXO!!}}}
and thanks!
and good stuffs!

typing...reading...running...actualwork to do...augh... soon!

I have my own label? That's too cool...c'mere...**long hug**

Invisible said...

That was a cool post no doubt!!