Friday, April 20, 2007

Beauty Part 3 (Ugly to Some, Simply Resplendent to Me)

Some will question my judgement (and certainly my eyesight), but Lemmy and Motorhead giving the audience an "Orgasmatron" at their 25th Anniversary show at Brixton Academy in beautiful. But then again, dramatic lighting and a good quality wind machine will flatter just about anybody. But really, it's all about the song, which has more forward drive, push, and charge than the bullrun at Pamplona.

Say what you will about Lemmy, but he looks far better bathed in green light than that walking petri-dish Paris Herpes, who when even somewhat obscured by her porno night-vision green lighting, still looks like hell. And...(this is a big AND), at least Lemmy came by his warts naturally; his warts result from genetic code (I think, I hope!) and are on his face, unlike Miss Collector-of-Greek Shipping-Heir-Twerps and Spreader of Herps Hilton who got her hussy card stamped enough times to qualify for a free set of warts which are now located south of her equator.

Love you, Lemmy! Warts and all.

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