Wednesday, April 4, 2007

"Rhubarb, Rhubarb, Rhubarb"

Let's play a game. Let's test your attention to detail. What do these two videos have in common?

First up, a clip from the Propellerheads' "Decksanddrumsandrockandroll" (what a great title!) featuring the one and only Mizz Shirley Bassey . It's called "History Repeating" (this one's fer you, GW!)

Okay. Now up we have "And I Love Her" from the movie "A Hard Day's Night" starring 4 guys that other than building the foundation upon which all that modern pop music(and culture, and super dope haircuts)rests, they didn't really amount to much. I like "A Hard Day's Night". I always remember it as the one where the boys pretty much kept to the script and didn't mumble "Rhubarb, Rhubarb, Rhubarb" in between giggles. "A Hard Day's Night" was shot BBD. Meaning Before Bob Dylan. Meaning before the boys met Bob Dylan. When they met, Bob gave present. If you want to know what that present was, just watch "Help!" which was made ABD(After Bob Dylan)and it will become abundantly clear what Mr. Zimmerman gifted them with(other than with profound musical inspiration).

Don't just say "the videos are both in black and white". That's lame. Sorta DDVS lame. Dylan Does Victoria's Secret lame.

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Invisible said...

*raising hand* ummmm .. do we have to watch the entire videos? I am sure you are aware by now that I am a wordslave, no?
fuck it all ... ill be back to answer th question.. and you are right those guys in the second one... gaaah .. hangers on.. losers.. *rollin

Invisible said...

ok im back.. i didnt study all that well but im going with they are both saluting the directors/behind the scenes take on things... shut up bon ... you know that is the right answer..

Allan said...

Thank goddess for that gift. T.N.K. rules!

bonjourtristesse said...

Visi! LOL! re: "hangers on, losers!" HA HA!!!! One even went on to marry a golddigger (cue Kanye!!) with a pegleg!!! LOL!

The answer is the set design is the same...the same octangular fuck it...pretty lame eh? I just really wanted to post some cool black and white vids today!!!

Your post rawked it large today missy-thang. I wish I could Fedex you some deserve 'em! :)

bonjourtristesse said...

Hey Allan!!!!!
EN-HOW! Best gift he could have given them! The music definitely got REEEEEEEEEEEL interesting post "The Great Dylan Roll-Up". Hope all is well, dearest Allan! E. XXXXXX

bonjourtristesse said...

hey the backdrops are not really octangular...hextangular? hexagon? Pentagon? WTF???? god, I'm lame.

Invisible said...

Hexagonal... WTF?? wy would I know this..

LOLing all over... the pegleg bitch .. geez paul consult the fucking world next time will ya!!!

And see I was close... for someone that knows shit about the industry... im a gossip slug..

HEY ... next time there is SXSW you should come.. I live less than an hour away.. you could buy me louboutins and tell me interesting stuff about bands ..ill show ya around cool texas sights and we will play is he gay! HELLOVADAY.. margaritas to die for at babys too...

WHOA.. damn im fucking brilliant.. that slid in without interruption of convo flow

Totally writing a novella comment... now have to put pay pal donation link to pay for our excursions.. ya know.. all 20 readers combined!!!

Invisible said...

gotta do a post edit!! adding in th amtrak collision aka britbrit LOL

bonjourtristesse said...

Hey Visi!
ooooo...trainwreck city huh? gotta get over to yer blog STAT!!! Hey I'm in for SXSW!!! First round on me, sistah!!! You rule, you rock (you are now an offical rocker, after yer bitchin' music post!)I like your novella style... I'm down wit it!!

Godwhacker said...

Hey, Thanks for the dedication. And I got the answer, only a little late. But a weird thing happened first. I tries to play "And I Love Her" and the video lagged. So I clicked the play button a few more times and I ended up with the same video opened in three windows, all stalled.

Then they all started playing at almost exactly the same time. Close enough to hear the difference, but not quite right.

I felt for a moment that Bob had stopped by with one of those little presents.

bonjourtristesse said...

Hey GW!!!! LOL! Great comment! Love it!! sorry/ooops on the stalled vid...darn that YouTube! But if the almost insync effect gave you a Dylan gift then rite on!!! LOL! :) Do you know if you play Nickleback's "Remind Me" out of one speaker and another one of their singles out the other they merge together perfectly...same song structure, just different lyrics...but hey, if a formula works!!! Anyway, I was very happy to dedicate to you, you are such a wonderful presence, and a terrific blogsphere friend (with great musical taste!!!):) Take care, GW! E.

Butchieboy said...

For the love of God, will someone please tell Bob Dylan to shave that creepy little stache?