Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Irish Prog Rock at its Finest!

Wow, another Prog rock band of the '70's to love. And Irish to boot. Breaking attendance records around the world, The Mystical Golden Gates of Billy By-the-By was a frequent tour partner to Fairport Convention and Clannad. Pictured here with their back- up singers Fornee 'n Kate, and with the fabled German roadie Hans-Joachim (bottom right corner), The Gates were known to trash hotel rooms with vigor and zest although curiously, instead of throwing TVs out the window, they simply took them apart piece by piece.

AWWWWW...okay okay OKAY! I know this is actually the first staff photo for Microsoft way back in '78!

...can't put anything past you guys, can I?

currently listening to: Lick the Harp, The Mystical Golden Gates of Billy By-the-By


Invisible said...

which one is bill?


Godwhacker said...

I knew they didn't look very hip. ;)

Allan said...

Hahaha...nice try! I love Clannad and FC- they are staples on my show...have you heard Damien Dempsey? That dude writes GREAT songs -fookin' brilliant, is wot. 'strewth!

Allan said...

and Bill is bottom left corner, no?

Invisible said...

i think so allan... cutie patootie...


bonjourtristesse said...

Hey wonderful friends! Yeppers. Bill is the sexy one on the bottom left! What a looker, all them brains, and hot looks too!

Allan! I gotta check out Damien...I see him on your play lists so he must be fookin' fantastic...madferit!!!

GW! They can't all be as hip as US! :)

Visi! Cutie Patootie! Lovesit!!! Why did I just have a Fact of Life Flashback? Tootie, Blair, Jo, and Marsha...nope that's wrong...LOL!

Have a wonderful weekend all!
Group Hug!!!


bonjourtristesse said...

ps. did y'all get the Fornee n Kate...fornicate! get it get it???LOL!!!! god, again, I'm so lame!