Friday, April 27, 2007

Six Degrees of Rawk seasoned with Bacon bits

I've decided for this post to do a little variation upon theme with the parlor game "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon". Oh, don't worry Kev ain't going any place. I'll keep him as close as a Cougar keeps her personal teen-age memories of her at the drive-in bow-chika-bow-wows that went down during first run showings of Footloose and Dirty Dancing. Footloose. Let's start there. Released in...

Pigs of 1984 (oh Orwell...oh Eric Blair, a Blair of the UK that actually has my deep respect.)

Pignose of Footloose, 1984 (god I hate this part, where Kev shouts, "Let's Dance!" and all this sparkly twinkly shit comes out of nowhere. Plus, am I the only one who digs on the fact that a guy with the piggiest nose has Bacon for a last name?

Pignose Amps
(the little amp that could, and would and does rock all the houses that you can carry it to, along with carrying a large pizza, a sixer, a boomstand, a SM58, and your axe. The legendary 7-100 snorts good and loud. Buskers everywhere agree.)
Pignose Travel Guitars (just pull the little piggy snout which activates the onboard amp and yer ready to rock the elderly guests at your backyard BBQ rite outta retirement. No one can resist War Pigs if it's rocked right. Not even crotchety, cantankerous Uncle Joe who sits alone in his junky, fraying lawnchair and plays pocket pool all afternoon, pulling his own little piggy.)

Wow, these Pignoses sure are little, compact guitars!
Eddie VanHalen Rawkin' "Little Guitars" from Diver Down
(c'mon, you knew that was coming! "Senorita, I'm in trouble again..." No shit, Ed, your relapse is destined, your ex-wife is shilling Jenny Craig, and it has just been discovered that yes indeed, you and Val are indeed brother and sister! C'mon again, don't tell me you never thought that they looked alike!)

and finally, by Eddie and the boyz, the hottest album of 1984, 1984.

And so we are right back at the beginning again, with 1984. Whew! Lather, rinse, repeat. Get good and clean! All this talk of pigs and pocket pool must have made ya feel dirty!

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Allan said...

I sometimes dream of giant flying pigs...but somehow I feel cleaner afterwards, not dirtier.
Pignose amps...ahhh...made a good stash box too!

Ring ya 'round 8?

Godwhacker said...

I do so love your stream of consciousness!

bonjourtristesse said...

Hey Allan! Love those flying pigs...especially those that choose to do a fly over powerstations, LOL!
Yeppers, 8 is fine!

Hey GW! Thanks so much! :D Sometimes my weird Coltranes of thought disturb even me tho'! Kerouac is one of my faves...can you tell? LOL! Talk soon, GW!

Invisible said...

I saw the diver down tour and the 1984 tour... does that make a pig out of me?

Hogging all that VH and shit... actually I think I saw them 4 times..

Chris Jart said...

One thing I always hated about that scene in Footloose is that a piece of glitter falls onto the bridge of his nose and sticks there. For some reason, that just drove me completely nuts.

bonjourtristesse said...

Hey Vis! 4 times?????? Shit girl, any Van Hagar lineup in that equation? Nothing makes a pig outta you, not even your dirty pix! You are beyond flaw! LOL! talk soon, incredible Invisible!

Yay! Hi Chris! Welcome welcome! Good to see ya!It drives me nuts too, that and seeing Chris Penn so young and sad what happened to him eh? Whatever happened to Lori Singer? LOL! Thanks fer stopping by Chris, hope to see ya again!