Thursday, May 24, 2007

Turn Up the Smash, Turn Down the Suck

This Les Paul sure lived the good life before its righteous-noble passing on to the great guitar case in the sky.

This Strat definitely went out in style at Monterey in '67. It got humped and pumped and set on fire by some guy named Jimi with an "i" who definitely had an eye for the foxy ladies.

This guitar suffered instantaneous death the second this guy picked it up.

Death was sweet alternative to years spent being fingered by Mr. Marx.

Never has a world tour been so appropriately named.

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SamuraiFrog said...

Death was sweet alternative to years spent being fingered by Mr. Marx.

Those very words are the reason I've made the choices in life that I have.

AC@44 said...

You have a nasty streak this week .. Things doing good. Found Cornell's version of "Billy Jean" .. next to getting Shatners cover of "Common People", it was a song that I had to have.
Have a good weekend

Allan said...

*looks at Marx pic*

I can hear my strings snapping from across sympathy pains for that guitar.

Be well, talk Sat!

Larry said...

It's probably just an optical illusion cause by the size of his hair, but doesn't that guitar Marx is holding - I mean, that is hanging off him - look a bit small?

bonjourtristesse said...

hey hey all!

SF!!!Hey you! LOL!!!! Now that's some Marxist theory for you! Well said! Hope yer doing good my friend...thanks for always makin me smile! :D

ac!! no no never nasty, snarky maybe...okay definitely! Lack of sleep this week thanx to inconsiderate "Entertainment District" music types down the hall blasting crappy music all nite...may have caused the verbal beat downs this week. Hey I just watched the Cornell cover on Youtube...holla holla! loves it!! You have a good weekend smashed mirrors on da car ok?

poor guitar...what is it, a Schechter, a Hamer? I feel sorry for it whatever it is!!! Thanks dearest friend for your continued good vibes... talk Sat, you be well too! Xx

Hello Larry! (Wasn't that a cool tv show in the '70's?) How's the beautiful Oliver? Totally too small that guitar, but yes the hair is truly overpowering...LOL!!! Good to see ya!