Saturday, May 5, 2007

Parker Fly Me to the Moon

I just finished watching Spiderman 3. Pretty bad. I had to pull the screen of my laptop quickly up and down a few times just to air it out and get that there stank on outta 'dere. But the third installment of Spiderman should do well with the set that go to Blockbuster, find Shakespeare's "Richard III", and ask if the first two parts are available for rent as well. The movie did little for me other than to further solidify my opinion that the movie's co-star, James Franco (whom I adored in TV's "Freaks and Geeks") should be cast when they make the Jeff Buckley bio pic.

Franco, with his love

Buckley, with his love

Am I right or am I right-er? The resemblance is uncanny.

So Spiderman 3 sucked and "Toe-be anything but a superhero please!" Maguire contributed heavily to the stink, stank, and stunkage of the flick.

But then, I am way more interested in Parker Flys than watching Peter Parker fly.

Gorgeous guitars that carry a high price tag, but well worth the bux. Extremely light, and just conquer when it comes to diversity of tone. They offer a dual pickup system that allows the player to deliver acoustic tone, full on electric, or a mix of both. That's some sweetness there. Guitars like these really allow a player to find their unique voice and flava. And it can never hurt the reputation of a guitar manufacturer when dude who started the company paid his dues as a luthier (the creators and the medics of all da strings 'n things). Ken Parker's guitars are full of feature and complex of construction, but dude keeps his credo simple:

"I love music, and I love guitars."
---Ken Parker on the Parker website.

Amen Ken!

Incidentally, Joni Mitchell has been known to use a Parker, along with a Roland VG-8 system ("The Virtual Guitar"), a waysmart processor that can electronically recreate all those whack yet genius tunings that she is celebrated for.

Just for the record, to the guy I used to work with at the gear shop-- No, that WAS NOT funny when you told the story about your Chinese customer who asked if he could demo a "Parka Fry". This is the guy who could make you cry when he played; his feel for the instrument and his tone were both absolutely heartbreakingly good, but as far as playing at being a decent human being...well, he played that action just about as well as George W. Bush dances. And thanks to that recent video, we all know that just ain't good.

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Allan said...

Thanks for watching that so I didn't have to...another childhood hero bites it, poor Spidey...

"I love music, and I love guitars."
Heck yes! Words to live by!

Someone (?) is holding a PF on the back of an album I have- somewhere- and I just spent twenty minutes looking for it. No luck. But I know I have seen it...who? What album...aarrgh? Where?
Does this mean I'm crazy?

SamuraiFrog said...

Aw, man, Spidey 3 can't suck. Damn it.

Reeves Gabrels uses Parkers too. Any Bowie connection will be found by me.

Allan said...

SF- Is he holding one on back of a specific CD/Album cover? Am I imagining this?

bonjourtristesse said...

Hey kids! Happy Sunday!:D

Yeah...the flick is not hard to find online already...and it blows...god they have this one scene in a jazz club...oh god just painful.

Man! I don't know the album either...but I have every faith that you will find it eventually! I know the site has a list of their endorsees so maybe that will spark the memory?

You crazy? Nah...well only in the best of ways of course! LOL!

SF!!!Hey, just my opinion, but it was crap...lemme know what ya think when you see it, do one of your brilliant reviews...Your Velvet Goldmine post was incredible!!!! That flick is in my top ten fer shure! Okay, you are my official Bowie resource, brother! Deal?

Allan...we will do this thang! We will find this Parker fly dude...and that will be fly...LOL!!

SamuraiFrog said...

That's a Parker Fly on the cover of Reeves's Live, Late and Loud, I believe.

Bon, I saw Spidey 3 today and I like it an awful lot. I know what you mean about the jazz club scene, though.

Velvet Goldmine just rules. And Bowie... oh, man, who else is there?

Godwhacker said...

Hey ~ I loved the film!!! But I loved Spider-Man before I even bought my first record, and I won't tell you how long ago that was...

We can agree to disagree. :)

bonjourtristesse said...

SF! gonna check the Reeves out...anything referenced by you has got to be quality...yeppers Bowie is the man, sometimes the woman, sometimes the thin white duke, sometimes the could make a grocery list of his personas, but above all an incredible musician. And those eyes!

GW! Yay! Thanks for stopping by, you are truly gracious for being a good sport about my Spider Snark! I think maybe if I saw it in the theater I may have enjoyed it laptop doesn't do the ginormous Dolby! LOL! So you remember the original Spiderman cartoon series? Didn't you just love it? Great stuff. I would like to know what your first record was, actually!:D

One more thing, I'm the girl who loves Saturn 3, so my taste in movies is a little suspect! If I choose Saturn 3 over Spiderman 3, I cannot be a credible critic! LOL!!

Todd and in Charge said...

Hey, is that doohickey what Joni used to create those lush effects for Taming the Tiger? That's an underrated album, I played it again a few times straight and found myself really appreciating all the textures and moods.

Godwhacker said...

"Is he strong? Listen bub, he's got radio-active blood. Can he swing from a thread? Take a look overhead ~ hey hey there goes the Spider-Man."

Nope, don't remember it at all ;)

Godwhacker said...

Oh ~ First records were "Oh, What a Night", Donna Summers' "Bad Girls", "A Night at Studio 54", and the Bee Gees version of "Sergeant Pepper" ~ all on 8-track. When I first met TaiC (Todd and in Charge), I quickly scooped up all the original Beatles albums, mostly on cassette. I was the first kid on the block with a CD-player, Sony's CDP-101 and after buying everything released by Pink Floyd, I turned to "unknown" (to me) artists like Peter Gabriel and Talking Heads. Music never sounded so good!!!