Sunday, May 6, 2007

Forget The 12 Steps...Here's A 1 Step Scare Into Sober

I have an alternate solution to the much touted 12 Steps plan for putting down the bottle. My program involves 1 Step and 1 Step only. Here we go...y'all ready?


Watch this video.

Thankfully our buddy Chris is still alive, producing albums and still playing...hopefully he has gotten past the whole self-diss habit and has stopped calling himself "a piece of crap". Buddy shredded awesome on W.A.S.P.'s "Animal(F*ck Like a Beast), a song that got the right wingers all offended and agitated way before NIN's lyric "I wanna f*ck you like an animal" from the track "Closer". Even offensiveness needs its ground breakers. And if you don't like it, don't listen. I'm sure Creed will come around again soon to keep you safe and warm. Or Stryper, if you like your hard rock with a halo.

Chris also lent his Ibanez Destroyer to Eddie Van Halen to record "Women and Children First". So he must be given props for lending his toys, fuckup or not.

I'm not trying to make light of what a terrible disease alcoholism is. Far from it. The world of Rawk can be big, dumb and stupid. A gifted musician doesn't have to be. All I can say is to anyone reading who is traveling the long hard road of rock right now, stuck somewhere between a blazing fire in Tonawanda and Timbuktu, is this--

"Rise above, rise above."

AND... while on tour, turning already-worn underwear inside out does qualify as clean underwear.

But only then.

currently listening to: Slint, Spiderland (again and just never gets old)


Invisible said...

WOW...Awesome post lil one... so true so true...

My only addiction ever has been cigarettes... but in trying to quit, I fully grasped the concept of being a slave to your vice... and I still have never succeeded completely.

Big ups to those that do, and I refuse to call my self a recovering anything because I have not earned that right.

I chose to say I stopped using (weed not included) and it doesnt bother me. But for some reason I go 6 months and not take a hit and then weeks like this come along and the only thing I have for sanity is a bowl.
**sigh** .. anyone have a light?

Invisible said...

Just so you know..Ive never seen any of the spidey movies...and my first album was Paul McCartney and Wings... Venus and Mars.... Next was AC/DC ...high voltage... quite a range huh?

Allan said...

All it took for me to quit was...well, you know the story.
Great post, hope today is good one.

jupiterone said...

awesome video! also, thanks for leaving us a comment. we'll be checking yours for updates :)

jupiterone said...

sorry, also we played "another crappy canadian late night show" with j.r. diggs. have you heard of it? he's a funny guy... we posted the performance on our site.
anyway toronto RULES and you have the best vintage stores. blows nyc away!!!

bonjourtristesse said...

Vis! thanks babygirl! AWWWW the long as yer keepin to under a pack a day?

Good on the first album choice! My first 45 was Wing's "With a Little Luck".Nice one too on the HIGH...give me HIGH! Voltage. Oh no I just had a Bon Scott pants flashback...having a moment here...apparently it was nuthin' but a bag o sand, according to a documentary I just saw...anyway you doing okay? Hangin in?

Allan! thanks dearest. I do know the story...I also know the story now, and I'm so glad and honoured to be part of it in some way! big hugs and hope yer day wuz good! XXXXOOO

Jupiterone! J-1! Thanks for stoppin by! I'm so glad this post reached a band midtour...are you due at the Mercury Lounge soon? Best sound anywhere!So glad you liked the vid. I'm really loving "Countdown" and y'all did amazing on the j.r diggs show, yep I know it...very cool indeed!Glad Toronto was fun for you, yep our vintage shops are way rad...did ya go to Black Market? I always liked that one best! Keep rockin! be good and thanks for stoppin by! Keep movin on the up and up! Safe journey back to NYC!

Allan said...

Hiya E!
"I also know the story now, and I'm so glad and honoured to be part of it in some way!"

You are a joy.Truly. I hope today is good and I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Thank you!

Invisible said...

oh most def.. at most I smoke 5 a day... I go long periods of time without. but i cant seem to never have one again...

thanks for the shout outs... todays music i listen to is emo schemoe

Invisible said...

hey girl.. i am hoping you arent feeling worse... only better!!!

bonjourtristesse said...

My dearest friends!

Feeling a little sorry I've been AWOL...hope y'all are doing good talk soon Vis and A.!

Big hugs!