Friday, May 25, 2007

Bobby D BD Fashion Friday

Yesterday was Dylan's 66th birthday. The great man was born in 1941. Man, that's hella old. Dag yo, World War II was still raging. Oh, and to put the old factor into even more perspective, in 1941, first base mitts, push button phones and Velcro were all invented. Oh, and the first programmable calculator. Of course it was the size of a dictionary and needed two sumo wrestlers to lift it, and a team of 18 wonder nerds just to turn it on. Shit, and I thought the first Atari game console was ancient. Compared to Bob however, those little space invader creatures are as new as Phil Spector's recent realization of "Hey, I may actually be convicted here!". Have fun Phil, plotting out how to make your Wall of Soundproof Glass in the Clink's Visitation Room work for ya.

And Phil, that scary AHHHHHH!!!-fro is gawdawful. Cut your hair along with your losses and just go forth and be someone's little baby in the cooler. Karma will dictate that it will be some huge mutha with arms like cultured hams and no teeth named "Ronnie".

As for Dylan's afro-action...never a misstep. Ever. Even when it was outta control and looked pan-fried it rawked the casbah.

But really, his hair wasn't really an afro proper, just a great, glorious and big 'o mess of unruly curls and swirls. 'Tastic with a capital Fan.

Dylan should get more props for his contribution to style. His rep as a genius musician which is of course well deserved, completely over shadows his knack for the dress up, the dress down, and the dress just right.

Just check out his "Last Waltz Beauty Period". Faye Dunaway just called, Bob, and she wants her '70's glamour and her hat back. Delish.

Lately though I'm starting to worry about the old man. Worried about him musically? Um, no. 2006's "Modern Times" is an award winning masterpiece. Self-produced to boot. A boot of Spanish leather that is.

Style wise, I'm concerned that Bobby D is just one case of rum away from pimpin' a Captain Morgan.

I would be both shaken and stirred if this happened. Rumtini anyone?

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Mike said...

I am actually going to see him for the first time this summer!

Az Rael said...

wow, the Captain Morgan insight is amazing!! luv it!

Invisible said...

Ah silly girl. You know you rocked the perm-big-as-a-small-apartment-complex-style... lucky him, it was natural... *snark*
now as for drinking .. ill go with a French Whore: .. Capns kinda makes me a bit... queasy.

Where the hell are ya lately. Keep missing you everywhere.

SamuraiFrog said...

Got to love the hats, though. I love wearing hats, I don't know where it comes from. That whole 70s hat thing totally works for me. Although I think Bebe Buell looks better in them than Bob Dylan, but you know why.

I linked to this on Friday, thought you might enjoy it.

bonjourtristesse said...

Hi Mike! Good to see ya here! I absolutely loved yer post on the dueling guitar action with smartypantz kid...terrif! We will expect a full report on the Dylan concert, okay!!! I love that he is still touring and doing his thang, don't you??

Hey Az rael! Good to see ya's all by you? Glad ya liked the Capt. Morgan...weird eh??? Yer blog is inspiring to me...I look forward to learning all I can! :D

Hey Vis!! i did have some perm action in the early teen years...god I didn't know bout you" C'mon fess up! LOL!!! A French Whore eh??? I'll buy the first round! LOL! Keepin' a low profile lately, just trying to get some rest...will be around much more this week, taking some well deserved time I'll be makin' waves again real soon!:D

SF!!! thanks thanks thanks!!!!!! Loved the link (so much I just gotta post it!!) Bebe could wear a coffee can on her head and still look da bomb...I want to see a picture of you wearing a Duran Duran era fedora...LOL!!!

Invisible said...

hey girl
LOL i permed my hair 2 times in my life.. hated it.. even from tx all girls dont have big hair...

glad you are getting some time off.. chat with ya soon??

much love to ya sweetie... and make sure to take care of you...

SamuraiFrog said...

Ha, I don't have one of those, but funny you mention it, because I'm going to do a post of just myself wearing my different hats. I'm easily amused by myself.

Godwhacker said...

Thanks for the post, especially that first pic. His hair looked like tentacles of truth, ready to reach out and crush the lies out of the universe.

Allan said...

Time off is good. Talk is too.
Be well, call ya tonight!

Todd and in Charge said...

Good stuff -- personally the Dylbird's cover from Empire Burlesque is my favorite -- the jacket really makes it!

bonjourtristesse said...

Vis! Love ya doll, thanks dearly for all...I thought all Texas girls had skyscraper bangs and permy perms!!!Please don't shatter the image!

SF!! HAT POST alert! YAY!!!! standing by!!!!

GW! Brilliant brilliant! You always say the coolest things...Words worthy of Dylan to describe Dylan's rock!!

Allan! Good chat, good and be strong! XXXX

Todd! What a crazy album cover...that jacket is...well...I dunno, made better with quality like him wearing it!!! LOL!!!