Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I Suddenly Feel Real Sick...

Doc Marten Ad be continued, too angry to write anything extensive. Poor Kurt. Fuck you Courtney if you signed off on this...

Joe Strummer, Sid Vicious and Joey Ramone were all "treated" to similar advertising/marketing treatment for this particular Doc Marten campaign. Those pics are searchable if ya wanna see. I don't want to post them here. Fuckin' shameful.

Actually, I haven't a lot more to say. I'll let the late great Bill Hicks say exactly what I feel. Bill was good like that. Nope, he was GREAT like that. He was hip to the "rebel sell" before some quasi-bohemian with yuppie ambition coined that very term whilst slumming down his brand spanking new "artist's loft". The "slumming down decorating procedure" just means you beat your just purchased print of the Pixies "Surfer Rosa" album cover with a meat tenderizer and throw some vinegar and water on it before you frame and mount it on the wall. That way it will look "dirtay-vintay"(dirty vintage). Let's see how long it takes before that phrase gets around.

BTW, I have many dear friends in the marketing/advertising racket. I love them dearly. My hate on is in no way near Bill's, but I do feel a "Wrath Against the Advertising Con" (my version of "The Wrath of Khan" but with no Ricardo Montalban) that every so often I have to vent out. Vent. Venti. Italian for twenty. Also the fancy name for Starbucks largest coffee size (twenty ounces). There's marketing mindfuck at work. Giving something fairly ordinary and commonplace a fancy name to justify overcharging.

Guess I had more to say after all.

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Invisible said...

Oh my poor E. Get well soon girly. I need to spill my plans to someone!!!

Cuddle up with some hot tea and a warm blanket. HUGS

Allan said... that real?...let me open up my Hank Williams flask, pour a shot of Hendrix Vodka and use it to wash down a handful of Valium from my Judy Garland pillbox (all real products)
Man, Bill's advice was soon...real soon!

bonjourtristesse said...

hey Vis! thanks darling, but I'm okay just mad and taking things way too seriously I guess...thanks for the lovelylovelylovely email, gosh you are such a delight...wanna hear yer plans baby girl, the more deviant the better! Hot tea and and coziness sounds delish...good advice, talk to ya soon...HUGS right back! :D

Allan...yep real real real. I'll join ya in that Hendrix Vodka...I wonder if they will have the signature Keith Relf death-axe sooner or later..."PLay an exact replica of the guitar Relf struck his last chord on!"
Glad ya enjoyed Bill, he is my hero above all the rest! thanks for all and ya!

Godwhacker said...

Schilling from beyond the grave... "Try this product and you to can be dead!!!"

AC@44 said...

Wife is "Satanist Spawn", but I love her.

This is like those ads a few years ago with Humphry Bogart pushing products .. Advertising is slimy and contrite .. but it's also very interesting talking to them becuase they do have a insight into our day to day world that we as the general public don't consider.

This type of shit has happened before (ie Allan's comments) .. at least someone is making money (though I wish it wasn't Courtney, be nice if the kid got the money).

Allan said...

Don't forget Stone The Crows!

Be well, see ya soon

bonjourtristesse said...

hey kidz...
hope everyone's day was fab!

GW!Hey! Posthumous schilling...I wonder if Che Guevara somehow "knows" how many tshirts he sells in a year...LOL!

hey ac!!how are thangs? apparently, according to very recent news, Courtney didn't have anything to do with it and is supremely angry...good maybe she will help fight this instead of booking another lip enhancement surgery! Yeah, I'm with ya, Courtney was something else, great actress (her performance in Larry Flynt was stellar).

Allan! totally! Stone Crows! whoah, what was his name...Harvey? zapped by a mike...god...GROUND, that's all I gotta say is GROUND properly...
Talk to ya ya!