Tuesday, May 15, 2007

All Philler, and Hopefully a Killer Post

Many times my focus and affections are saved for that of the less obvious choice. You know, in a kind of "watch all the the roadies and the techs dart around and stand on the sidelines rather than watch the center stage action in The Last Waltz" kinda way.
In a "watch and wonder at the fate of the red shirts standing in the background by paper mache rocks in Star Trek and feel genuine concern" kinda way.
In a "look at the cover of AC/DC's Highway to Hell and wonder just why in the hell is Phil Rudd exiled to the back in such a way that he looks like a gawking fan rather than a band member" kinda way.

I'm sorry, but Phil deserved better...if drumming is a vocabulary, Phil uses good solid no-nonsense words. Stated with a primal tone of caveman like authority, but with a clever and knowing wink that more than indicates that the stix are being well manned by a sophisticate possessive of opposable thumbs.

Let's continue on with this Phil-ness shall we?

As we near the end of May, may we take this moment to remember Phil Hartman? Almost a decade ago, on May 28, Phil was taken away in horrific manner, a manner that one simply cannot wrap one's head around given Phil's history of bringing so much joy and laughter to the world while he was here.

He also brought skilled graphic design talent to the music table; those talents are best reflected in two album covers:

Steely Dan, aja, 1977

Poco, Legend, 1978

I wonder how much Phil got paid for designing these? Let's hope it was a bit more than the 35 bucks that University of Oregon design student, Carolyn Davidson received for designing the original Nike "swoop" in 1971.

In keeping with this post's Phil-ness let's call out Nike's main man, Phil Knight for what he is. Oh wait, Michael Moore already did in his book "Downsize This" and in his documentary "The Big One". Check 'em both out. They will make you angry, but the good kind of angry that comes with the knowledge that you are well aware of the bullshit that goes on in the name of progress. The good kind of angry that stops you from purchasing a $200 pair of shoes that were made in a far away land and under cruel conditions.

It's hard to segue back into lighter fare so bear with me, or bare with me, whichever you prefer.

The following clip is perhaps my favorite of all in SNL history. Why? Certainly it is incredible because of Dana Carvey. But again, I will take the less obvious choice and say that Phil Hartman nails it completely for me. His expression is by far my favourite part of the skit. Enjoy!

I think this song would sell. The word broccoli is rad. Having the name Broccoli is even better.

"Broccoli. Cubby. Broccoli." AKA Albert R. Broccoli, uber producer of most of the Bond films (the ones worth seeing). Cubby will always be a legend.

The wonderful thing about people who create wonderful things is that they will live on through their art.

RIP Phil Hartman.

The wonderful thing about people who destroy wonderful things is that eventually, if karma lays a trump card, the jig and the over-paid gig is up and over.

If the shoe fits, Phil Knight.

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SamuraiFrog said...

Great stuff, Bon. Great stuff. I remember watching the news the day Phil Hartman was murdered. We shouldn't have lost him, especially not that way.

Invisible said...

WOW ... when I am high you are sooo incredibly funny in a nonsensical kinda way... I think you should do the Gilmore Girls... Can I call you loriei?

Allan said...

Well said and a proper show of respect path less traveled.
Phil Hartman did albums covers? I did not know that.
(The spectre of Spector lingers in the air...like a wall of something)
Nice call-out on Nike.
Killer! And I'm not even high. Yet.

Allan said...

maybe a little...

bonjourtristesse said...

Hey gang!! Is it raining like a sumbitch where you are?

SF! Thanks my partner is popculture crime! Tragic tragic stuff, he's Canadian so we really felt it up here in hockeyland.How's yer day been as a newly crowned "Thinking Blogger"? Kudos again!:D

Vis!!! you okay...whatcha on...how is the dental sitch???? Some people "Do the Hustle", I do "The Ramble" and I wear hot bellbottoms and dance on a flashing tile dancefloor while doing it! LOL! Hey call me what you want...but CALL ME!!! big hugs! (I gotta start watchin' GG!)

Allan dearest!how goes it??Yeah man,Phil also designed a logo for CSN too!!! Pretty cool! NIKE is not cool...Boy, just boycott however ya can!Glad I rated killer thanks man!

Hey kids are you giving me a score of 420? There's a lot of high high high talk...good on you all!

talk soon!

bonjourtristesse said...

SF! I meant my partner IN popculture crime...god I am high...hit the fan...shit my comment room is like the back parking lot at a high school dance in the late '70's


Todd and in Charge said...

Great great stuff -- didn't know that about Hartman.

Don't forget Phil Lesh!

Invisible said...

hey dont relegate us to the back parking lot..we like to greet he folks that stop by for humor...

and get this... my (ex) step child... 21 y/o came over on mothers day aqnd left weed in my truck!?!?! so i called my ex hub and told him .... LOL

Allan said...

Back parking lot? The real fun was in the woods!

Allan said...

vis- you sure that wasn't a M-Day gift?

Godwhacker said...

Aja has been one of my favorite all-time albums. I've been listening to it for decades, but you still taught me something new! Thanks!!! :)

Invisible said...

LOL allan.. we had the woods behind our high schol too.. ahhh te canyon... such memories

and ye it prob was.. cuz she is sweet like that..

bonjourtristesse said...

Hey all! Can I join the par-tay? YAY! Parking lot...I'm gonna sit on the hood on this here gnarly Z-28...hey turn up the Sabbath!

Hey Todd! Darn it fergot Lesh! Sometimes ya can't see the forest for the trees..speaking of trees...

Vis come on out of the woods..hey is that the captain of the football team with you???? naughty!--- "left weed in the truck? I second that question, was that some sort of gift? Crazeeeeeeeee

Hey Allan, beware of the woods...that's where all the AV nerds hang out!LOL!

GW! I love Aja too...you are so welcome...I thank you too for continually sharing your knowledge with me! Nice to see you!

Vis, you are sweet like that too!
Hope the dental pain has passed...
Meet ya in the cafeteria after English class! LOL!

talk to ya all soon!:D