Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Little Sumthun Sumthun with Duds and the BGs

Most people find, when they hear the Bee Gee's classic "Staying Alive", a vision of a slim John Travolta all hot and sweaty with a 103 degree disco fever on a Saturday night, will pop into their heads. Fair enough. Good for them.

I just see Dudley Moore. Gettin' his preeeee-verted groove on.

Watch and bust a move along with Dudley as you enjoy this clip from "Foul Play". The scene is built around a misunderstanding, a plotline tool that when used effectively, can anchor an entire 7 seasons of an otherwise crap TV show. I'm talking to you, Furley! The only props I can give to you is on your classic polyester but made to look like real denim leisure suit.

I loved this stretchy, faux-denim fabric. It should have been crowned the official "Home-Ec. Project" fabric for the '70's. But I digress, back to Duds. From tacky poly blend duds to Duds. What a segue.

In this clip, Goldie Hawn's character is trying to escape a guy who looks like the Glad Man. Or the Man from Glad. Whatevs. She comes to Dudley's character's swingin' batch-pad to hide but dude thinks she is looking for a little sumthun-sumthun.

"Hidden speakers! Quadraphonic!"

In addition to tickling funny bones the world over, Duds also tickled the ivories sumthun wicked. A mean piano player, who displayed his talent most prominently in the flick "10", which in my opinion, on a scale of "one to", is just that.

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Allan said...

A scale of one-two, check, one-two...
eep . sorry.

SamuraiFrog said...

Great clip. The only funny part of that movie, as far as I'm concerned.

Todd and in Charge said...


I also like the California 70s brown kitchen that Goldie and Chevy shared in a different scene.

bonjourtristesse said...

hey guys! :D this thing on? LOL! testing testing...

SF! Glad ya liked it...Dudley definitely stole the show, and those heart boxers...

Hey Todd!

I miss the earth tones...and the earth shoes!

Good to see ya all...hope the weekend was a-okay!