Monday, June 18, 2007


Paul and precious baby Mary

Happy 65th Birthday Paul!

He was the considered the most beautiful Beatle. He wrote the prettiest songs, but blew us all away when he ruffed and gruffed it up for "Why Don't We Do It In The Road". He spun killer yarns about raccoons, and the beginning segment of "Band on the Run", is still one of my fave Paul moments.

He can be forgiven for his gawdawful mullet circa 1972 (Lord love Linda for getting a matching she-mullet) and for the "Give My Regards to Broadstreet" movie debacle, because, well...he's Paul. And because the beautiful brilliance of "Mother Nature's Son", "Blackbird", and "I Will" together will cancel out any ickiness and syrupy sentimental rubbish he has thrown our way ("Michelle, ma belle, sont les mots..." EWWWWWWWWWWWWW).

But then again, that sweet and sappy McCartney-esque approach was such perfect foil for the more caustic and cynical twists of Lennon.

Damn, it's so hard to find fault with our doe-eyed Macca.

Well.. Heather Mills. Not such a good move, Paul. The one-legged gold-diggah tried to sully your forty-five year legacy.

The Maharishi may have been disingenuous, but unlike Mizz Hussy-on-a-Stick, he didn't do a press tour when Paul left him.

Many happy returns Paul, thank you for reminding me everyday:

"And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make"


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Allan said...

it is.

Godwhacker said...

Oh, Ram is my favorite Macca album. Thanks for the beautiful tribute. Have you listened to any of "Memory Almost Full". It's not up there with Ram, but it's one of his best in years. I'm really digging it.

... still loving Paul at 65!

AC@44 said...

great post .. have you seen the iTunes commercial with Paul? The video for it is ok, but the commercial rocks. Since you seem tied to the music biz, what do you think of Starbucks records?

Oh by the way .. I'm clean shaven and no fuzzy hair.

Faerie said...

mmm do i need to mention "ebony and ivory"? ... okay okay i know that was a low-blow... hilarity ensues...happy b-day pauly!!

SamuraiFrog said...

Why, Lord, why did you take John instead of Paul? Oh, to never have to have heard "Spies Like Us".... well, it's his birthday, come just after Harry Nilsson's, and whatever you say about him, he's had many more genius moments than lapses in taste. He just needed someone to reign in the excess, is all.

bonjourtristesse said...

Hi one and all!! Good to see you in all yer shining glory!

Hey Allan! it is it is it is it is! Sending you much love and huggage!!

Yay GW!! How are you?? Oh, indeed Ram is genius and knowing your exceptional taste in music, I knew ya loved it best! I went into Starbucks this afternoon(got a free coupon cause they messed up my order, LOL!!!) and there was "Memory Almost Full"...the single is lovely lovely...I'm super pleased that you are diggin' on it, I just know I will too! Hey, do you think they would let me redeem that coupon for the album? LOL! So wonderful to see you GW!!

Hey AC!! OOOOooo thanks for the connect to the Paulie may rock, but so do YOU, AC! Wow, a loaded question about the Starbucks...hmmmmm...not easy to answer especially today when they gave me a freebie...I'm so easily "bought off" LOL!!! The indie snob in me is so into my street cred companies (Drag City, SubPop, Carrot Top, Matador)that I would be hesitant to endorse the Starbucks thang, and yet I'm just happy that music continues to get out there no matter what the circumstance or environment. What do you think, AC? I would very much like to have yer thoughts too, oh and pretend at Starbucks that they made you the wrong will getcha a freebie too!! LOL!!!

Lovely Faerie...I adore you to bits and bites! LOL! "Ebony and Ivory" good for karoke duets I will tell you!!! When we finally meet up you and I are gonna rock some great power ballad karoke okay? Done!!!

Sweet A. As usual, brilliant comment...reminded me of the SNL skit with the cheque for the reunion..."Divide it up anyway you like, if you want to pay Ringo less, it's up to you!" I think that was what was so amazing about George Martin...he probably very diplomatically reigned Paulie in for years...hey, what hat are ya wearing these days Froggie Dearest?

Erik said...

I waited in line for free Macca tickets outside the Highline Ballroom in NYC last week.

No dice.

I did however see an awesome street fight.

bonjourtristesse said...

Hey Erik!!! Grrrrr-eat to see ya...How's the Big Apple taste???LOL!

Thanks fer swingin' by...awwwww, sorry the free Macca tix eluded you, dear boy...darn it...

But ya saw a Street Fighting Man or two??? Well hey, at least some entertainment of some sort! I suppose seeing a bonafide NYC street fight means you are now officially initated!

Great to see ya brother, you are missed...don't be a stranger, but please be strange, just the way I like ya!!!

SamuraiFrog said...

I'm back to my Cubs cap, because my hair's getting long again, and I apparently don't like to brush!

Todd and in Charge said...

Ram on, bj!

I love the story The Macca tells of writing "Getting Better," where Paul writes "you've got to admit it's getting better, it's getting better all the time,"

and John chimes in "it can't get much worse" in response.

A perfect capsulation of their writing genius.

AC@44 said...

I like the idea of Starbucks getting into cd production, artist representation and sales. I think its a great way to get people to buy music. You buy a coffee, you see a CD, impluse buying. It's the best way to cash in on the sales cycle. Don't let the sucker think to much. Also the traditional record/cd companies have fucked up big time, all they are looking at is their bottom dollar. Something has to happen so that the artists keep making great music.

What they need to do is set up a wireless transmission system. you buy the music, its sent to your mp3 player and you have the music to play when you leave the store. Now all you have to do is get the music industry to agree, the artists to agree, the tech companies to agree on a file transmission format and everything else. I guess we will just keep buying the CD's at Starbucks or anywhere else.

The only thing I don't agree with is if there contract is exclusive and you can't buy the music anywhere else. I don't like monopolies.

I'm going to stop writing, You've given ma a great idea for a post .. you'll have to stop buy and read it in a few days

bonjourtristesse said...

Hey A.! Brush that luxurious long a couple of Swiss Miss Braids...nothin hotter than a guy in braids...I'M SERIOUS!!! Look at Willie Nelson....Go CUBS!! LOL!!!

Hey AC!! Loved your comment...totally down with this wireless transmission blows me away to hear stuff like this!

I'm with you about the whole monopolies thing...hate em hate em! I am so super glad BELL is no longer our only option! LOL...Canadian reference-drop! OOOOooo can't wait to read yer post...good stuff AC!!!

bonjourtristesse said...

HI TODD!!!!! Great to see ya...hope your little vacay was anyone?????LOL!

I loved, I MEAN LOVED your true, such a good example of the Macca/Lennon dynamic...oh I love Beatles fans, they just get it...thanks Todd for always getting it and going that one further!!!!

Larry said...

You can't get much funnier than Paul as Ron Mael from Sparks, can you?

Professor Benjamin Levi Marks said...

Thanks for the Picture.