Friday, June 22, 2007

It's a Braid New World for Fashion Friday

I would like to see more men sporting braids. No no no, not the single, hanging-down-the-back braid...that one is too too typical, and can be too easily seen swingin' to and fro', keepin' time like a metronome, on the heads of guitarists givin'er on the chicken wing circuit at a roadhouse near you. You want a single braid and a CCR hit single? Go to the roadhouse, children. No cover charge and always a cover band. A fantastic cover band on stage and an elastic band around the old single braid.

I would like to see more double duty braids. Two braids all Swiss-Missy, and worn with pride, by a man who gets and understands the beauty and intrigue behind the concept of androgyny. But really, when did the whole rockin' the dualbraid action become the sole domain of women? Anyone familiar with North American Native history could easily pose this question.

This installment of Fashion Friday will pay tribute to a a few notable dualbraid do-ers that have carried on this beautiful and bold "men with two braids" tradition.

Willie, you and your strands are FINE!

Dave Grohl, I loved your "Everlong" locks!

Shannon Hoon, so very sorry you and your braids didn't stick around longer.

I was never a Blind Melon fan. That fuckin' Bee Girl shit played a bad game of fingernails on the chalkboard with my head. But Shannon seemed like a decent, open, and nice person. I have a pleasant memory of him loping over to me and saying that he liked the sheepskin coat I was wearing. He was wearing a lovely pair of cords the most gorgeous shade of Kelly green and I complimented him on them. A few years later he took a swan dive into the great "Needle and the Damage Done" swimming pool, a scary place where there never seems to be any lifeguards on duty. Sad.

Darn, and this was supposed to be a fun, uplifting post! From light to heavy in just a few paragraphs.

But life's like that.

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Thanks to A. for the inspiration!


AC@44 said...

Girl you have lead a life ... I never could get my hair long enough for braids .. it would get all bushy and thick .. instead of a nice long straight hair I would end up with a rats nest.
So now that I'm old I get my hair cut every six months.

Icky Thump is awesome .. max the bass ride the treble ... make the car dance ... picked up the album with one of the gift cards from fathers day. Wife was nice, I got Instant Karma, gift card to HMV and Indigo gift card to pickup the Joe Strummer Bio "Redemption Song"

Right now I'm downloading White Stripes Peel Sessions from Pop Head Wound

Godwhacker said...

Something with that last picture... I'm not looking at their hair ;)

Allan said...

I just saw a Wendy's ad that had a dude w/ twin braids. They have read your blog, it seems.

SamuraiFrog said...

Hey, you're welcome. Don't know if I could pull off the braids, myself. I'm keeping it short for a while.

Todd and in Charge said...

defintely a good look, so much better than the rattail.

bonjourtristesse said...

Hi all! Been sorta AWOL...the deep heat here is zappin the energy, gotta listen to some Zappa to fight the energy-zap! FRANK FOREVER!

AC!!! Well, life has certainly slowed down thank god, but fer a while it was everyday Music first, sleep if there is time! Hey, stop with the "old" references, brother...40 is the new 30!!!! Glad yer liking Icky Thump, stellar reviews everywhere, eh? "Max the Bass and Ride the Treble", words to live by!! LOL!! Thanks fer the link, AC!!! Good stuff on the gift card scores...most excellent selections!

Hey GW!! LOL!!! All those nekkid peeps on da cover!! Wish the Beatles did something like that!!!Ringo semi nude???Bring it on...guess we got John nude on the Two Virgins, too bad Yoko was part of the deal!! LOL!!!!

Hi Allan! Cool on Wendy's!!! Yeehaw, my blog is having an impact! AS IF!!!! The day I understand trendy fashion is the day I move to Tibet.

Hey A.! Short hair for summertime is the best way to go...I know how hot Chicago and area gets in summertime, I was there last summer...My god...HOT STUFF!!!

Hey Todd! Rattail and parachute pants...holla holla!!!!