Sunday, June 3, 2007

My Top Ten at 10

My dear and charmingly deviant partner in pop culture crime, Mr. Samurai Frog Esquire, tagged me for a music meme that involved picking the top 5 toonz (according to chart action) from the year that you turned 18. You then were to offer commentary and critique, some yay or nay, some boo or wahoo! Then you could choose 5 of your own faves from that same year, and go crazy with some personal anecdotes that were soundtracked by these very selections. "This is Your Life" with a locked and loaded jukebox.

Of course I have to change the rules. Please forgive me SF; sometimes a sistah just has to mix things up. There's a reason why most of my report cards stated, "Very creative, but appears to have trouble following instructions." It wasn't that I had trouble following, I just didn't want to. The "problem" still plagues me today. But being the rad individual that he is, I am confident that SF will not be giving me an "F" on this particular project.

I've decided to do my top ten when I was 10. As a way of introduction, here is my class photo when I was a ten year old tomboy, surrounded by my posse of little men who let me play their reindeer and rainy day games. I'm in the front row, second from the left, sandwiched between ma man Jamie with the rad motobike shirt and between the naughty naughty Steven, who as you can see was more than happy to give his opinion on class photos. Stevie's Inverted Flippin' the Bird action had many horrified parents calling the school. Of course he became hero of the playground, and the favoured boytoy of the one girl in our class who actually needed a bra, f'real.

So here we gooooooooo...
1. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Refugee. I also had the version recorded by Alvin, Theo, and Simon Seville. Which was awesome.

2. Pink Floyd. Another Brick in the Wall Part Two. THE anthem to sing when you are ten years old and facing detention.
3. Styx. Babe. I hated that tinkly keyboard intro, but it was the song for Moonlight Skates for Couples Only at the rollerama.
4. M. Pop Muzik. "Boogie With a Suitcase". What a lyric. I laughed then. I laugh now.
5. Paul McCartney. Coming Up. This was released around the time Paul and Linda were busted for dope. I had the 45 and I remember my sister drew joints hanging out of Paul's mouth on the picture on the sleeve.
6. Pretenders. Brass in Pocket. I idolized Chrissie. Twenty odd years later face to face, she broke my heart...but ahhh...that's another story for another time...
7. Fleetwood Mac. Sara. Still in heavy rotation on my ipod. The drums just kill me.
8. The Rolling Stones. Emotional Rescue. Every year in class we had to do a speech in front of everyone for a public speaking project. This girl named Krissi did one on Mick Jagger. It was horrible and she probably just copied all that she recited from Creem Magazine. She should have just recited the lyrics from this particular song. "I WILL BE YOUR KNIGHT IN SHINING AHHH-MOUR". That shit is hot.
9. Olivia Newton John. Magic. Man, sweet innocent Sandy from Grease totally Ho-ed out. Every girl in my school wanted a pair of those black spandex Sandy-Slut pants. I didn't. I was more into kickin' it Kenickie style.
10. The Sugar Hill Gang. Rapper's Delight. I had this entire "rapic" (rap+epic) memorized. I would say I have managed to retain about 54.8% of it. The balance was kicked out of my headspace by years of listening to Sabbath hardcore. Something had to give over and make room for War Pigs.

So there it is. My top ten at 10, when I caught my pre-teen buzz droppin' da needle on da record.

Hey wanna have some fun? Try this. Find a know-it-all ten year old and ask them what THIS is...

It's nice to know that in this one respect, I am smarter than a fifth grader.

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SamuraiFrog said...

Excellent. How can I flunk you when we get 10 songs, your always-good commentary, and a picture of little ten year-old you. Pretty even then, sporting the flannel, already one of the cooler kids. Loves it. From Aaron to Erin, to the one other person who remembers all of those bizarre lyrics about getting sick over dinner in "Rapper's Delight, you're an A all the way!

Invisible said...

I still do rappers delight to my kids.. they think im funny...

nice meme lil momma!

bonjourtristesse said...


SF!!! Ah, thanks darling! Yay! I got an A!!! How are ya today, Aaron? LOLing over the "getting sick over dinner in Rapper's..." I never knew what Kaopectate was until I heard that song...LOL!!!

Hey Vis! Welcome back! Trust ya had a good time!!:D Yer kids got one hip momma that's fer shure!!

Todd and in Charge said...

Wow -- thanks for the memories, I had that stupid 45 insert, which I played on my baby blue Fischer-Price record player.

BTW, that songlist holds up pretty well, methinks....

Allan said...

Fun list! Kudos to Stevie!
I use one of those 45 'do-hickeys'
almost every old, I am.