Thursday, June 7, 2007

More Weebles...and a Dazzling Pearl

Two more Weebles for two more hardcore wobblers. I hate to say it, but drawing these have been really fun. Good times. Recent events in the life of Lohan have forced me to depict her double fisting a couple of Ginsu knives. And Britney, what could be better than a price tag still attached to the wig; a tribute of sorts to Minnie Pearl, who unlike fellow Southerner Ms. Spears, proudly embraced her country bumpkin status. Minnie also didn't try to gloss her hickness over and disguise it after one hot and heavy round with a Bedazzler. Britney? Girl was born to Dazzle to the Be. And Dazzle to the Re. Re-hab that is.

Rest in Peace Minnie, I'm sure your tag actually read "PRICELESS".

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OMG you are fucking BRILLIANT!!

I cant stand not being able to blog/rant about shit going down right now.. Thank you for taking up some of the slack sista!! {{huggers}}

Allan said...

"I hate to say it, but drawing these have been really fun"

Why do you hate saying that? I think it's great!
talk soon,

bonjourtristesse said...

Hey Vis!!! Thanks babygirl, nice of you to say so, your cheque is in the mail!! LOL!! Gawd, I miss ya, hope you are back up soon...hope all is well! BIG HUGS...

Allan! Just wish I could have made some art focusing on better subject material! LOL! thanks fer yer support tho'!!! BE good!! XXX

I'm sorta a crazy amount to do before work begins again...but hope to talk to ya soon!!! See you dearest friends!!!