Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Attention Readers from the UK!

How lucky are you in Britain? You get a Big Brother contestant like raver TRACEY. I don't watch TV, but I happened upon clips from the eighth season of Big Brother UK. I'm officially obsessed. Expect regular Tracey updates.

GO TRACEY! Please don't vote her off!

currently listening to: The Stone Roses, S/T


Allan said...

How lucky is Britain? Ask Tony Blair.

AC@44 said...

I find it hard to get into these shows. The only two that I ever followed were the fist two seasons of the Amazing Race and Rockstar.

I miss Rockstar!

bonjourtristesse said...

Hi Allan...oh Tony, ushered in with Brit Pop and ushered out who would have thunk it? Sat is good, 9?

Hey AC!

Hey, Rockstar wuz cool...I will def be tuning in if they show a new season...

The only tv show I watch (on my laptop natch) is Entourage. LOVE IT!