Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Weebles, The New Breed

Weebles are such a bitchin' toy. Egg shaped little peeps who break it down and wobble to and fro, but never, ever fall down. Wheeeeee...such fun! Such plastic innocence, just waiting to be corrupted!

There are a lot of real live people out there who are doing their fair share of wobbling back and forth, but as long as they have a captive audience, they will never really take a fall. The world watches, fascinated, as certain individuals weave an unsteady path towards self destruction. The media loves their playthings, proving that no matter how old we get, we still love our toys. And we love to deny that our constant invasion of their privacy has something to do with playing a hand in pushing them back and forth.

I decided that it was time to offer up a new set of Weebles that will be considered the most unsteady of the bunch, and will feature media darlings that have been known to wobble bigtime if the toy chest is stocked plenty large with plenty of party favours.

I'm in the process of designing Weebles-The Fuckup Collection. I'd like to have half a dozen, so any suggestions would be much appreciated. The Amy Winehouse one will be double the size of a standard Weeble in order to accomodate the beehive. The Pete Doherty and Kate Moss ones will have magnets so they will be inseparable. However, every Weeble will have an unscrewable top which will reveal a secret compartment for concealing stashes of all kind. Hell, would airport security even think to look inside a harmless looking toy? I think not.

I'd like to keep the Weeble roster to musicians (Kate qualifies as a musician's muse and accessory). I guess this means that I can't do the queen of wobblers, Lindsay Lohan. Wait, didn't she release an album? A highly forgettable, and a highly stanky one I'm sure, but hey...that means she qualifies.

Back to the drawing board! Suggestions please!

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Allan said...

That's brilliant! This should keep me smiling until 9am- (work) and then start me up again at 5!
How about a Keef Richards weeble urn? Is that too 'old school?'


I miss you ... *sniffles*

tigereye said...

hey there, just popped over via invisible and thought i'd say hi. The weebles idea is awesome! I noticed you link Ent Lawyer as well. Fun site! glad to 'meet you'. Allan I"m coming to see you next! =)

bonjourtristesse said...

Hi all!!!

Allan!! Thanks man! So glad the Weebs made ya smile...Keef would be good, I'm gonna do a Classic Fuck Up Collection next! LOL! Thanks fer the suggestion! XX

Visi!!! Thanks fer the lovely email, no worries babygirl...hope you are doing okay...I MISS soon, best to the girls!

Hi Tigereye!!! welcome welcome...any friend of the lovely Vis is a friend of mine!! Glad to meet ya too, thanks for the ups, hope to see ya lots more!!!


Loving the weebles...can we just make them all from fuckupwood?

God you know I am seething about now dont ya...

M. Lisa said...

Lovin' the concept of 'The New Breed' ... how about the "Lost"
collection? ...Hurley would make a good weeble....LOL