Monday, July 16, 2007



I hear Klark Kent turns 55 today too! (hardcore Police fans laugh now)

currently listening to: The Police, Regatta de Blanc


Faerie said...

Roooooxxx--annnnnnne ...

Godwhacker said...

So did you ~ like ~ checkout my review of the Police Concert in Miami? It was great. Welcome back! I was dying with you and TaiC on vacation at the same time.

Oh, and Happy Birthday Stewart ~ you rock!!!

Todd and in Charge said...

Happy bday big man.

Now as Sting has frequently complained, if you could only hold the beat a little more steady.....(you know where I stand on that debate).

Faerie said...

Hey Ms gear... you have been MIA for a while now... holla!!!

Hope you are doing well sweetie and getting stronger!!

Allan said...

Knock knock?

Faerie said...

Who's there?

Faerie said...

~hey E!
I am going to guess you are finished here.

Thank you for your friendship... here and in the emails... and g chats.
I miss you.

Send me word and let me know you are ... I just really miss you girl!!

Stay fantastic... be your wonderfully beautiful understanding and intelligent self.


Allan said...

It was great while it lasted. I hope you are OK. I'm still here and still miss you.