Wednesday, July 4, 2007

American Beauty, Mad Beauty

Hendrix's version of "The Star-Spangled Banner" was the best thing at Woodstock, natch. The fringe was good; you could drive yer vehicle under his arm and get a good quality carwash.

Hendrix was one of the best guests Dick Cavett ever had and certainly one of the most lively, unlike a certain Jerome Irving Rodale, who just sat there and did nothing. Okay, if you click the link you will see that old Jerome had a good reason for being somewhat less than entertaining.

I love the way Jimi defended his "unorthodox" interpretation of the anthem by stating simply, "I thought it was beautiful." Equally stellar was Hendrix's mad freak out all over Dickie, givin' the oh so perfectly coiffed talk show host a much needed dose of "mad beauty".

Happy 4th of July!

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bonjourtristesse said...

Kohoutek...check comments section in my Canada Day post...thanks!!!

harbinger said...

Oh Jimi, those were the days; American Beauty, the music for the soundtrack has an actual flavor, I can taste it.

Kohoutek said...

Jimi truly was an orignal. I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one to wear out my copy of Are you Experienced, one summer.

Gone too soon, but left us with a huge legacy.

Drop me a line if ya getta chance.

SamuraiFrog said...

I'm still a big Dick Cavett fan; the last man on TV who knew that to do a proper interview you've got to let the guests TALK and be themselves!

As for Jimi; what can I say that ain't been said? Genius, pure and elegant.

Faerie said...

Hey girl....

Did I tell you I miss you?
I am sorry I am having so much trouble and not being able to be there for you... I suck I know.

I hope soon the rain cloud will move from my head to someone elses that deserves it.

bonjourtristesse said...

Hey all!

Harbinger! Oh Jimi, indeed...gosh, he was just about to get mega jazz fusion when he left us, kills me to think of the amazing stuff he would have brought to us all had he lived...I love the AB sdtk...delicious...Elliott's cover of "Because" breaks my heart tho'.

YAY!!!! Hi KOHO!!! WHAT's UP????? Where's the green cow and where the heck is VINNIE???? I will drop ya a line this weekend, my brother, go play the Proclaimers album another 100 times in a row will ya!!! Much love, talk soon!!!

Hi A.!!!True True true on the Cavett opinion...he gave good 'view!!! Yeppers, Hendrix was all that you said, and naughty bad as well in that most excellent way...good to see ya, A.!!!

Babygirl!!!! I miss ya, no no no don't say that,YOU MY GIRL ARE THE BEST...I hope all is well, I have been so MIA myself (work is crazy!) Sorry I missed yer chat last nite...let's connect soon to discuss BB8!! HUGS!!!!XXX