Friday, December 5, 2008

We Were Young, We Were Golden, We Were Late Nite Record Retail

Dave, Cheryl, Rockerchick Heather, Joanne (VINNIE!), Derek, Jen, Scott, Ryan, Sean, Shelley...

Love and respect to you all.

"Sweet little baby, she's my hot dog bun"

Sweet memories turn spandex trash into timeless treasure. FACT.

currently listening to: The Smithereens, 11


Kohoutek said...

thanks for the words and thanks for getting that song stuck in my head.

if ya can make it on the 19th that would be cool, if not we're not going anywhere.

stay gold pony boy

bonjourtristesse said...

Don't fight the Salty Dog...let the power of the dog compel you, let the power of the dog compel you...

Trying for the 19th, brother...will let ya know!

I'm staying gold, Dally.


sniderscion said...

You definitely have to come out to one of our get-togethers :)
I love your snippets on here BTW; if the Ramones had been a Blog instead of a band-this would be it :)