Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thinking Inside the Box

How great is this vid? How great is this song? How great are French Canadian accents? How great is the crazy dude who, on his way to a bank heist with his other Reservoir Dog palsy-walsies, somehow got lost and ended up somewhere in rural Quebec? Mon dieu!

The police chief dude is pretty rite-on as well. He's got that great combo of beard, 'stache, and cascading waterfall hair that one would expect a man of great judicial power to have. Too bad half that sandwich he was scarfin' down in the police car ended up in said beard. Dude looks like Godley from Godley and Cream. Or does he look like Cream? Which one is which? Shit man, who knows?

Is this Godley, or is it Cream...and really does anybody care anymore? It makes me wanna CRY!!!!

This man cracked open two cases in one day, a murder case and a Celine Dion CD case...HERO!!!

currently listening to: Rene Simard on youtube ("L'Oiseau")

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